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How to make stomach-friendly waffles

Do you suffer from irritable bowel? Heartburn? Multiple food allergies? Or are you just chronically and completely food-intolerant like me? Fear no more! This recipe will save you from bloat and nausea forever.

Simply an answer to all the people asking “So.. what can you eat?”.

Waffle Whisperer

Please note that this content is 120% sarcasm and that english is my second language.

Music and effects are from Epidemicsound.com.
Waffles in thumbnail from Pexels.com.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello my name is Lena and today I’mgonna make this recipes especially easybecause it only consists of fouringredients and most of time you do havethem at home alreadyso this recipe will assure you uploadthree tummy no tummy aches no not sureif you’re allergic to itmy waffles don’t have it for this wewill leadshould be usually when thinking you willstart off with the dry ingredients andthen go to the white ones but focus Iwon’tsince my secret ingredient it’s a dryone I will start off with a wet and thengo to dry because obviously I want youto watch the whole video so for thefirst ingredient I have four dozenliters of waterI really prefer to use organic locallyproduced ingredients and this is Indianlocal because it’s from my tap so I willjust ring just add the water to the bowlfree links ingredients you have toprepare this like a couple hoursbeforehand ice cubes and now we willneed this carefully and put the stove onmedium heat until they will start tomelt as you can see they are starting tomelt really fast so you have to keep aneye on them so they don’t burn so afterabout five minutes or so it hascompletely melted and it’s ready to gointo the batter so just pour it intoyour blends pretty easy so you don’thave to make any effort let’s move on tothe dry I will start off with addingseven that’s liters of air I savedisappear because I’m European so I’lljust add it in here make sure to geteverything like thatyes and now for my very specialingredient this is really what makesblue waffles like[Music]how to behave somewhere in this yard youwill never believe what is in this yardthis is also something that you need toprepareso in this yard screamwe have screaming in this yard Icaptured this scream on literallyemotional day I don’t really use ameasurement for this I will just burninto okay and you have to start likeblending it pretty quickly so when thescream and the air is combined it kindof creates this chemical reaction thatmakes the scream like quiet it yeah Ithink that’s that’s about enough youwon’t hear any more this is what’sreally important with the air especiallybecause from the beginning the scream ishas this a little bit of a bitteraftertaste so when you’re done combiningyour dry ingredients so I won’t use mywhisk cookies we don’t want any of itfor this butter to do its very best itshould rest for about 10 minutes or so Iwill just let this stick here I am turnon my waffle maker let’s get to action Iwill use this mousse oopy-scoopyto scoop up my batter onto the wafflemaker give attention to what I’m doingI’ll take one scoopgoop it up on the waffle maker andhere’s where you need to be quick in itabsorb absorb everything this is theliver the best best waffles I ever madeso this batter will do for 10 to 15servings depending on how thick you makethe waffles since its stomach friendlyyou won’t be very heavy on you so youcan you can have quite quite a lot ofthem the only bad thing I would say withthese wafflesis that you might clog your skin I betthat’s just surprised you have to payfor bobbles so thank you so much forwatching I will be back with moretalking friendly recipes for you[Music]

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