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How to make stuffing waffles using leftover Thanksgiving stuffing, YUMMY!

A healthy breakfast made with leftover stuffing from Thanksgiving. An easy, fun, delicious breakfast. I mentioned that I sometimes add syrup as a topping and I only use true Maple syrup, not the average kind you get at a regular grocery. This is a great way to use your stuffing in a fun way and have a savory breakfast. I hope you enjoy the meal.

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Video Transcription

okay this is what I do with the stuffingfrom Thanksgiving it’s the tastiestlittle treat to make good use of yourstuffing and it’s fun and it reallymakes a great breakfast so just take anegg and I take my leftover stuffingmixing it in this bowl with this egg andit’s gonna make it help it glue togetherbetter make it easier to set in mywaffle iron this is gluten-free stuffingI used millet and Qi bread so it’sgluten free and I made it a littleharder stuffing with adding somemushrooms which are really yummy andsome spinach along with the onion andcelery that is usually called for inbread crumb stuffing recipes I have mywaffle iron hanging up I just used oneegg just with the amount of stuffingthat I had this should probably make I’mgonna say to maybe make three mediumsized waffles with this and they’re justthe tastiest things it makes thisstuffing really crunchy and it’s areally nice way to heat it back up soI’m just waiting for this it says it’sready well it might be so I’m gonna I’mgonna give this a whirl andand hopefully this is gonna turn out asyummy as it has in in past years I mayonly get two out of thisso I’m putting all this on here like abig old blob and then I’m gonna press itdown and let it cook for however long itcooks and I’m gonna wash my hands in themeantime while that cooking you’re neveryummy breakfast with the stuffing needto get a plate put those on I got theWizard of Oz on in the backgroundwoohoo God watch you have The Wizard ofOz on and Thanksgiving evening one of myfavorite old-time movies put my eggsaway you could take a couple minutes tocook one of these just because it is areally thick paste moments not a pastrya thick pancake or wafflehere just gonna lob these and they’re soeasy to make I mean and then you don’twaste your your stuffing in it’s like acompletely different meal and I like toadd syrup to it as wellso this thing just steam it away herecontainer that I hadI might get three out of this check itlook at thatcrunchy crispy it’s not perfectly roundwhite smells goodthis stuffing recipe I had is reallygood too the bread that I found wasreally nice bread like I said glutenfree and I added a bunch of turkeyseasoning to it like what you would putin a turkey and put some sage in theresalt and pepper it’s like some of thetastiest stuffing I’ve had all right soI’m thinking this is readylook you’re not pretty golden brown thatis crunchy to the touch and I’m justgonna pop it out of there like that boomI’m gonna keep it look at that beautifulwaffle I said I might get three out ofthis is it pretty pretty thick maybemaybe it’s so thick they don’t reallywant it to let it go through its littletiming thing there a got it going on

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