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Quarantine cooking – WAFFLES from scratch (lactose free)

Cook with us and learn how to make the best waffles on the planet

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music]family quarantine cooking show todaywe’re doing anything great-grandmaChianti two waffles that can also bemade pancakes they’re really good youdon’t wanna miss it so stay tuned let’sget started you get to start you’regonna need one egg need some olive oil[Music]and cooking spray to spray your pan foryour bowls that we’re going to beputtingwe are going to need a walkeryou can just mix it I like with a whiskor fork that’s fine too you just mightfind that they’re a little like well jobToby Turner and others there are likeflour[Music]so I’m today we’re out there just gonnabe doing a double batch but here’s yourend zone each Bowl and one mix so you goactually only need one and so if you ifyou like that you’re new to a[Music][Music]we’re gonna crack REO is stay tuned it’show you family whip the eggsyeah just mix it up so what do we do[Music]your wheel technically it’s 1/4 in twotablespoons[Music]we’re going to whisk it up now let’s tryto get them combined and yourself[Music][Music]1 1 salt 3 baking[Music]baking powder and salt reacts so itstarts to foamyes it’s a chemical reaction 2/3 cupsfilled is important for[Music]the teamwork makes the dream work[Music]all right so tell me the next thing youneed on into now or you can just usefrom how many cups[Music]those are one cup[Music][Music]so watering yes so you’re going to findthat it gets really watery but it’ll befine they take their style tastes reallygoodyou might feel like the batter is nextlobotomy or that’s just because they gotmixed in with oh yeah and you might feellike you won’t mix it at all are youwilling and also what do you want to dobe careful right Wow yeah but I wouldmix the first step in first[Music][Music]humans so you’re gonna start likeputting it on level one you can gohigher[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music]all right so net in order to avoidmessage on in to help to put a platewhat to put a plate under your wafflemaker in case if it spells out and we’rejust going onto the plateso you just hoping it out put it in awaffle makersometimes you can make messes so you canjust put that so you don’t go oh okay ofcourse spray that’s okay we geteverything to fragments paper okay sowe’re going to you we’re gonna reusethem on the cuff that we use for thesugar with new two-thirds of the mixturein here so we’re just gonna use this boyit’s just a two-thirds cup so you spray[Music]don’t want it to door okay yeah butyou’re not trying[Music]just like that[Music]gonna flip itopen it[Music]then I put[Music]we’re four minutes two three four andthen[Music][Music]that’s how you clean up your mess thecountdown has a countdown[Music]five four three two one[Music]kind of[Music]okay[Music]of course and make just give in to this[Music]so you guys have never tried real maplesyrupOh today will be the dayCharlie[Music]first maple syrup ever[Music][Music]so if you’re lactose-intolerant this isa recipe for you[Music]

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