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Cooking Show: Sunday Brunch with Chef Suzi Cooking Buckwheat Waffles and Pancakes

Using the incredible gluten free flour BUCKWHEAT, Chef Suzi shows you how to make waffles and pancakes from the same batter and takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish. Best of all, she shows you first how to make your own oat milk using whole oats, a perfect shelf stable option. You are going to want to eat this vegan brunch for weeks to come so be sure to bookmark!

Here’s the  vegan gluten free recipe!
1/2 cup buckwheat flour
1/2 cup + 2 tbs oatmilk
1/4 cup peanut butter (or any nut butter, or even tahini!)
2 tbs maple syrup
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp baking soda
pinch salt
pinch cinnamon

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Video Transcription

I’m gonna start off by plugging in mywaffle iron because you need to have anice hot wokif you’re gonna get a good waffle andyou don’t want to add it in too soon soI’m just gonna go ahead and plug mywaffle iron in if you plan on joining mealong with me go ahead and plug yours innow so it gets hot and don’t forget togrease it because if you don’t greaseit’s gonna stick and pull apart and it’sthe saddest thing that ever happens toyour waffles so let’s do it all rightso now that waffle iron is heating up sothe first thing that we’re gonna bedoing today is making oat milk fromscratch so I don’t know about you but Ihave no interest in going to the grocerystore right now I have no interest indealing with any of that crazy so I liketo be able to make my own stuff and ifyou feel the same way follow along withme and you’re never gonna need to go tothe store to buy oat milk or any otherkind of plant milk ever again here’s mypre-made oat milk I’ve got four cups ofwater here in this Vitamix so you don’tneed a Vitamix to do this you can do itin a ninja you can do it in a bullet youcan do it in a Cuisinart blender anykind of blender that you have will workand if you have a less strong blenderjust go ahead and soak those oatsovernight or at least for four hours incold water before doing it the hotterthe water you use the thicker yourproduct at the end so if you’re whatyou’re going for is more like a creamera little bit of warm water can actuallyhelp get that thick consistency but ifyou just want regular plant milk youwant cold to room-temperature waterfour cups water for every one cup oatsso here’s my oats here’s my four cups ofwater I’m going to add it in so you caneither add a date or a tablespoon ofmaple syrup a pinch of salt just toflavor it and season it the way that youlike if you want to get fancy with ityou can add a little vanilla extract -I’m just going to pop this into theblender[Music]and now I’ve got fresh oatmealthis is obviously a lot less than what Ijust made um good question Julian I’musing rolled oats rolled oats or quickoats quaker oats the standard oats thatyou would make oatmeal out of you can doit with steel-cut oats and Irish oatsbut you have to soak them a little bitlonger because there are thicker grainand you have to blend them a lot longertoo so flat oats rolled oats quick oatsQuaker Oats that’s what you’re reallylooking for here and of course if you’relooking for gluten-free options you haveto look specifically for gluten freeoats even though that’s a littlecounterintuitive oat milk put in anykind of container with a lid and yourfridge good for a week hey Jess thanksfor joining us and with that we can getstarted making our waffles anybody elseyou’re excited for chicken and wafflesor for pancakes don’t worry if you don’thave a waffle iron you can use the sameexact batter for pancakes that you canfor waffle so if you’ve ever orderedwaffles at a restaurant you may bewondering what’s the big deal well thebig deal is it takes a really long timeto do waffles and most people only haveone waffle iron at home so if you’regonna be making waffles for yourself andsomeone else or for your whole familyusing the same batter to make pancakesand waffles at the same time so thateverybody can eat together or morequickly is a lifesaver and then alsosome people have preferences Ipersonally don’t understand people whoprefer pancakes to waffles I like themboth but waffles are waffles you hear meyeah so let’s switch over to the viewand let’s start mixing these things upand we’ll get cookin feel free to dropyour questions in the comments I may notget to them as I’m cooking but I will beable to answer them at the end I’m gonnastick around and eat with you and answeryour questions so here we go over hereso this is what it’s all about todayguys check out i’m gonna i hate changingthe camera view on this do you know thatyeah so look at this that is a buckwheatwaffle with Dairy Foods chicken and afrozen strawberry I keep frozen berriesall year round which is great for a timelike this in a crisis so I just gavethem a little bit of a thaw let themdrain out in the sink because they willget wet slice it up and put it right onthere and this is the same batter makingpancakes I made some silverdollarpancakes that I could get some fatstacks this is my kind of fat stackshere guys pancake stacks with morefrozen berries in the mix so same battermix once eat twice pancakes and waffleshere we go all right guys I’m gonna movethis delicious stuff out of the way andget to eat it latermmm one let’s look alright so a reallyimportant cooking skill here is to haveall your stuff ready in advance so I’vegot my half a cup of buckwheat flourright here I’ve got my half a teaspoonof baking soda here I’ve got my quartercup of peanut butter you can use almondbutter cashew butter or any kind of nutbutter you could even do tahini which Ithink would be kind of an amazingcombination here too depending onallergies preferences or just what youhave on hand I’ve got the fresh mint oatmilk I showed you guys how to make atthe beginning of this video Papa Papacomment if you need a refresher on thatgot my maple syrup which is just as goodin the mix as it is after and I’ll showyou I keep my baking soda in a ziplockbag keeps it fresher in the fridge andkeeps it from absorbing smells so thetotal ingredients here we have a halfcup of buckwheat flour 1/4 cup of peanutbutter1/2 cup oat milk + 2 tablespoons oatmilk and just keep a little bit more onthe side to make sure your batter is wetand slippery I already have my waffleiron heating up I’m going to be using 1teaspoon apple cider vinegar 2tablespoons of maple syrup and it’s upto you whether you want to add a pinchof cinnamon so here we go this is mehoping everybody can see okay alrighthere we go right in the bowlfirst things first everybody add yourmilk to the bowl then we’re gonna takethat 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegarand we’re going to be making kind offlake of buttermilk here which asidefrom adding a really great dimension offlavor it’s gonna help that baking sodato give you a lighter fluffier textureand your waffle and your pancake alightso give them a second to curdle up andthen the next thing we’re going to addright in is the maple syrupso that’s one tablespoon maple syrup twotablespoons maple syrup now you can usewhatever sweetener you want or you canskip this step entirely date syrup wouldbe fine agave would be fine simple syrupwould be fine[Music]trust your gut on this one so give it agood mix and the next thing that we’regonna do is we’re going to add thatpeanut butter right in now I am notafraid to use my fingers here you wantto get all this peanut butter and to geta good measurement on peanut butter youare gonna want to use a spoon to fill upyour measuring cups anything more thanthat you risk having a ton of extracoming along for the ride and that couldreally throw it off I’m not going to beusing any oil in this batch except togrease my pots and pans on my waffleiron so this is the fat in the recipeand I am gonna lick my fingers and thenwash my hands because we ought to besupporting to have it say right[Music]alright so in there so far we have halfcup plus 2 tablespoons oat milk 1teaspoon apple cider vinegar 2tablespoons of maple syrup and 1/4 cupof peanut butter and now we’re gonna mixit up it doesn’t have to all integratein fact you kind of want that peanutbutter to stay gooey gooey because it’sgoing to help connect everything thepeanut butter is almost acting like anegg here the next thing we’re going toadd is that baking soda sprinkle it ingive it time to activate and then we’regonna slowly add that buckwheat right inthis is one half cup of buckwheat thiswould also be the time to add youroptional pinch of cinnamon other thingsI can imagine tasting delicious in herewould be a little pinch of nutmeg orcardamom or anything in the pumpkinspice familyyou’re looking for a thick batter thatstill has a little bit of fluidity to itso keeping a little bit of extra oatmilk to the side is going to be helpfulbecause that buckwheat is extra extrathirsty and everything like thetemperature of the room how old yourgrains are can affect how thirsty it isso you want to keep an eye on it andjust make sure that you end up with abatter that can still drip and move it’snot too thick but you don’t want it tobe too runny either because then itwon’t hold together so this batter islooking pretty excellent I’m veryexcited about it now let’s go checklet’s go check the waffle iron to makesure it’s ready here’s my waffle ironit’s just a standard waffle iron righthere I have it preheated that’s thatcolor it means that it’s ready and Ihave it pre-greasedlook at that steam oh this is gonna beso good it’s so excited to be cookingthis with youall right this is me hoping that that’sa good view so when you pour this in youwant an even amount in every sectionbut you don’t want to load it up toomuch because it’s just going to spillover the edge so you’re wanting to fillit up to the inner ring that’s perfectjust like that now when it compressesit’ll push everything out to the edgesand watch for that steam to come off nowI’m going to heat up my pan hoping thisis a good view for everybody herekeeping up that pan on medium it ispre-greased now I made silver dollarpancakes but you can make pancakes ofany size and shape that you like you canuse shapes forms cookie cutters workreally great with this recipe so I’mjust gonna heat it up you want to makesure it’s fully heated up and I willshow you exactly how to test that oneit’s time meanwhile take a look at thissteaming baby that is the sign ofunbelievably delicious waffles cookingthat steam shows you that it’s stillactively cooking and when the steamstarts to slow down is a good time tocheck it for the first time so we aredefinitely not going to be checking ityet because it is still very activelysteaming very actively steaming so I’mgonna put you back up on this pan I’mgonna show you how to test a panbest way to test pantsSteven is ready to start cooking put adroplet of liquid on if it sizzlesimmediately it is ready to start cookingyou can see I just dropped a little bitof milk in there and it’s starting toget active it’s starting to bubble butdidn’t sizzle immediately you want thatsizzle immediately because it’s gonnahelp you get a nice even cook the amountof time to be explaining all of this toyou with this the waffles and thepancakes are gonna be done around thesame time so that can help you plan whencooking for your family to get all yourfood ready at the same time taking areceiving plate and putting it inbetween my waffle iron in my can so thatit’s ready to receive now that this isactively bubbling and spitting like thatwe can start dropping some pancakes intherespread your batter out I like a nicethin spatula for flipping pancakes I’mgonna check on these waffles now you’reready to come with me how is thatlooking guys are you so excited lookslike we could have maybe filled that upjust a wee fuller delicious perfect lookat that put it on the wrist even platepancakes cooking what do you thinkshould we make waffle another waffle oranother pancake what should I do withthe leftover batter you can make usuallyabout two pancakes and a four stack ofthe silverdollar pancakes with therecipe that I put or two big pancakesand two big waffles any votes vote inthe comments when you start to see thefirst bubbles on the pancakes that’swhen you know it’s time to flip themoveroh no I’m over eager I’m gonna waitall right nobody says anything I’madding more wafflesso I’m filling this one up extra fulljust to see how far we can push this ifyou want a big full butter waffle likethat give it a little extra time beforeputting the cover down to get the bottomcrust to form a little bit switch himback over here it’s definitely time toturn this guy over now one two three saya prayer that’s a delicious lookingpancake back to the waffle all rightwe’ve left this open for the bottom tocrust out a little bit and now we’regonna lower and it’s gonna steam likecrazy ignore the temptation to push downon the top of your waffle iron untillater on in the game give it time toexpand and also if you want nice bigfluffy waffles you got to give it roomto grow here’s that pancake just tocheck it a little more time here’s thewaffle that we already madehere’s that steam and waffle iron lookat it go look at it go look at creepingout the edges creep it out the edges allright now is a good time to startpressing it down see what you’re workingwith here you don’t want to push all theair out of it though cuz that’s half thedelicious part of a waffleall right this pancake is done justgonna go one two pancake and waffle justto be clear this one batch is gonna maketwo big waffles and one pancake or itcan make four small pancakes and tworegular waffles avoid the temptation toopen too soon I know it’s hardit’s going to be hard and that’s okay sowhile we watch this steam and gethungrier and hungrier and hungrier let’stake a moment to imagine you working ona restaurant you’re making waffles forbrunch for breakfasteach waffle takes five to six minutesminimum thank your restaurants the nexttime you order waffles just rememberwaffles they’re a labor of love look atthat steam look at that waffle and thatpancake that we’ve already made we’regonna we’re gonna dress them and we’regonna eat them together then you’regonna be able to answer ask me anyquestions and I’m gonna answer them foryou just to review we made oat milk atthe beginning starting with four cups ofwater one cup of oats and then you canadd either a little bit of maple syrup alittle bit of brown sugar a little adate a fig whatever you want to sweetenit and a pinch of salt and then youblend on high until it’s smooth you canmake this in any kind of blender and thestronger the blender the less you haveto soak in advancehere’s that waffle steaming should wecheck do we dare is it time oh I’m gonnagive it some more time waffleslet’s go look and remember what we’redoing this for guys this is what it’sall about this chicken and waffles righthere this is what we’re working ontogether today for these pancakes theseare my fat stacks guys my fat pancakestacksit’s like the most difficult thing to dowait for the waffles to be ready butwhen they’re ready it’s all gonna beworth it it’s all gonna be worth itwhat’s your favorite thing to put onwaffles guys we’ve got peanut buttermaple syrup blueberries blackberriesstrawberries we got some powdered sugarin fact let’s top off these guys with alittle bit more powdered sugar how aboutthatpowdered sugar for my fat stacks this isthe grilled chicken from daring foodsavailable now it just came into thiscountry a month ago from Scotland reallyincredible vegan chicken option for youI’m using frozen berries here so you canhave berries at any time regardless ofwhether you go to the grocery store ornot these are buckwheat gluten-freevegan waffles gluten free vegan pancakessame batter made both of these guys wemade both of these guys earlier todayand we’re just waiting for this waffleto be ready should we peek again shouldwe try to peek should we gently liftthis lid is it gonna separate are wegonna cry or is this going to be themost beautiful waffle of all time seethis is what a full waffle does itspills over the edges and then you haveto gingerly make sure that it wants tobe disturbed from its slumber beforepulling it out the most beautiful wafflethere she is the most beautiful girldon’t forget to unplug your waffle ironnow you don’t need it anymore you justneed to walk over here with me whatshould I put on it guys should i drenchit in syrup I think I’m going to watchme pour this syrup on here it’s soamazing I love syrup so chicken andwaffles we made it together

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