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Video Transcription

hey guys what is up welcome back to mytable today we’re going to be makingEarth Day waffles so start off by takingone cup of flour just put that in alarge bowl[Music]then you’re gonna want to put twotablespoons of sugar in to the bowl withthat flour then add two teaspoons ofbaking powder and with the flour andsugar[Music]then add one egg to a different mediumsize table then add one cup of milkto that egg bowl then add twotablespoons of vegetable oil meltedbutter or whatever you have that you’regoing to want to combine thoseingredients with the flour ingredientsjust mix that up until it gets a reallygood wet consistency just like pancakebatter just mix it up very nice[Music]then divide the batter into two separatebowls so I’m just using that egg bowlagainso I’m putting about half maybe not soeven maybe 1/4 of my batter into thatand dye that green and dye the otherhalf blue earth colors all right so thenyou’re gonna want to pour some glue andthen only a little bit of green that youwant not in an even ratio more blues andgreens just cook that[Music][Music][Music]alright guys here are my Earth Daywaffles they’re so so adorableif you look at them they look likelittle earth thank you guys so much forwatching make sure to LIKE and subscribefor more recipe

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