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How To Make Waffles | Jinsi Ya Kutengeneza Waffles Zenye Iliki

Waffles in Norway is kind of snack food that resembles pancakes in taste. They are eaten to have good time | kos” and between meals. They are made using special iron that gives its nice shape. It can be eaten with sour cream and fruit jams.

This recipe is very special with a taste of Cardemom and sour cream. It comes from my colleague’s grandmother. Special thanks to her for letting us share her special recipe.

300g wheat flour
90g sugar
2ts baking powder
1/2ts salt
2-3 ts cardemom
100ml melted butter
2 eggs
350ml milk
3/4 of 300g sour cream

Bodum mixer – https://bodum.com/
Lecreuset brush and rubber spoon – https://www.lecreuset.com/
Lecreuset bowls- https://www.lecreuset.com/

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