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Hi Guys, enjoy this video of my cousins and I trying to make waffles and ice cream! ENJOY X

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Video Transcription

my gun oh you killed it Dave where doescooking come from right here oh my godmy bleeding hello a happy video andanother day in quarantine now I thoughtI’d pick up the camera and just show youguys what’s gonna be going on I foundthis waffle maker in my house but it’snot any ordinary waffle maker it’s abubble waffle maker and what’s not goodwith waffles than ice cream all thetoppings it’s gonna be great my cousinsare coming over they’re staying healthyI’m staying healthy they’re saying cleanthey’re not going anywhere and I’m notgoing anywhere so they’re gonna comeover here and we’re gonna be trying tomake it from scratch it’s gonna be kindof interesting but let’s just give it ashot I guess right here we have thewaffle maker chocolate chips food dyeOreos sprinkles caramel hot fudge andNutella we decided to have a competitionbut let’s just say things didn’t go asplannedwe had no clue[Laughter]you can find lit the whole thing up letme just try it especially taste testingso high oh my God my bleeding you knowwhat friends family friends family dudeokay you two against Lizzy and I we’regonna see who makes the better I knowwho makes little waffles and ice creamyeah let’s do itnow Dave and I have some extensiveexperience working with leveling thingsDave walk us through it how it’s doneyes this is a really important step whenyou’re baking you have to you see thisis actually too much flour so what we’regonna do is we’re gonna come here andwe’re just gonna brush it off when we’reall setlook at that that’s a job that PAP wouldbe proud of right there ladies andgentlemen the first casualty of war whatare you doing here Dave recipe Chris alot of us struggle with we’re not readyfor thatI made a few mistakes on the TSP versustbsp I think if we click on clean upthose problems it’s gonna taste goodall right should we even measure thatcorrectly first three what what whatsize is that seriously Dave where doescooking come from right here comes rightfrom the all right flour flattener wellI learned from my mistake the first timebecause I smell great one with therecipe I just I know it’s been a timethe gyms have been closed I think thisis a great workout for people to startdoing and notice you can go this way Ireally work on the forearm not wherewe’re done we’re doneOh David’s not happy when Ella all rightI need a case of Brieno no no no case I’ll break itmeanwhile we’re not really sure whatDave is doing over there in pantry landFelicity has a secret advantage over Ithink one thing that elevates any wafflewas on a little bit of cinnamon sugarI’m gonna keep an eye out for that andsee if we can differentiate ourselvesthat’s how it’s done[Music][Applause][Music]oh my goodness look at that oh my Wowneeds more yeah raw look at the otherside flip the camera four grandimmediately get on top of this he justruined ithow do you feel about you messing up I’mvery confident we weren’t making icecream cones I was crack Wow Kirsten Davedo you wanna eatI think that girls one[Music]oh wait this is really good[Music][Music][Laughter]they were just looking come from[Music]

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