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Chicken and Waffles Make Chicken and Waffles at Home

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hey what’s going on guys foodless isback and today i’ve got a special treatit’s sweet and savory salty and crunchyit’s maple and pecans it’s chicken andwaffles stick around i’ll show you howall right let’s make chicken and wafflesnow there’s a lot of uncertainties aboutwhere this dish originatedi’m not even going to touch it all i’mgoing to say is this is how we make itin foodless kitchennow what i really love about this dishis all the different flavors you’ve gotthe salty crunchiness of the buttermilkfried chickenthe sweetness of the maple syrup andwe’re gonna spice ours up just a littlebitand then you’ve got that light airinessof the waffle we’re gonna make ourwaffle batter we’re gonna dredge and fryour chicken we’re gonna make a cayennemaple syrup and a honey butter this isjust gonna be a fun dish and i can’twaitlet’s get started now you can use apre-made waffle mix out of a box or youcan make it from scratchwe are gonna make it from scratch andhere’s the ingredientsi have two and a quarter cups ofall-purpose flourtwo cups of milk one half cup ofvegetable oilthis is two eggs that i’ve separated theyolks and the whiteswe have about a half a cup of choppedpecans three tablespoons of sugarthis is a half teaspoon of cinnamon anda half teaspoon of kosher salt1 tablespoon of baking powderand just a splash of vanillai’m going to start by beating my eggwhites and the soft peaksi find if you fold these in at the endit makes for a fluffierwaffle[Music][Laughter]in this bowl i’m going to combine my wetingredients so the milkegg yolk vanillaand the vegetable oili’ll set that aside and we’ll move on toour dry ingredientshere i’m going to add my flourbaking powder salt and cinnamonsugarnow i’ll add the wet mixturewe have this nice smooth batternow i’m going to fold in these eggwhites these are the chopped pecans i’mnot gonna add these yet because they’rejust gonna sink to the bottom i’m gonnawait until we make our wafflethese are some organic free-rangechicken breasts that i soaked inbuttermilk overnightin the buttermilk i seasoned with garlicpowder just a little saltsome smoked paprika and a little cayennepepperthis is my flour mixture from my dredgei’m gonna season thisa little bit of smoked paprikasaltpepper garlic powdera few shakes of cayenne pepperall right here’s our dredging stationwe’re going to take our chicken we’regoing to go flouregg flour and into the hot oil[Music][Music]i have this really high-end maple syruphere this bottle was about 18 bucksnow you don’t have to spend that muchbut i will say if you spend just acouple bucks moreyou’ll definitely notice a difference inqualityi’m gonna warm this maple syrup justover low heati’m gonna melt about one tablespoon ofbutteri’m gonna add about a quarter teaspoonof cayenne pepperwe’ll just keep that nice and warm untilit’s ready to servehere we have half a stick of soft butteri’m going to add a little honey to itand just a tiny splash of vanillaextractand i’ll stick that in the refrigeratorand let it get nice and hardenedall right so here’s my little wafflemaker it’s not an expensive one it justdoes the tricka little my pecansbeautiful now we’re gonna make a couplemore waffles prepare our chicken andwe’ll get this put on a plate[Music][Applause][Music]and there it is chicken and waffles foodlust styleso after the chicken came out of thefryer i put it in a 375 degree oven forabout 15 minutesi wanted to make sure that i just cookedto an internal temperature of 165degreescheers wowwe’ve got a lot of flavors going on herethat moist and tender chicken with thatcrunchy coating on the outsidethe waffles are nice and crispy and airyand that maple syrup with thathint of cayenne is just puts it over thetopit is amazing and that’s how that onegoes

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