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Making Waffles with Pillsbury™ Professional Pancake Mix

Chef Ted answers the age-old question of pancake mix users, “Can I make waffles with pancake mix?”.

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Video Transcription

hey everybody chef ted coming to youdirect from osorio estatesin brooklyn park minnesota and today iwant to do something different i want togive you a little bit of informationsince we can’t work in the office we’reworking from home soi’ve been getting a lot of emails aboutour pillsbury pancake mixersand if we can make waffles with them andthe answer isabsolutely yes so i have two assistantshere that are gonna help me todayi have one handsome gentleman langstonjames osoriowho’s the most handsome fella on theschoolyard playgroundand i have my buddy logan osorio who’sgoing to help me out and just be hiscute selfokay so i said we can make waffles fromour pancake mix sobuddy if you can lift this up we’regoing to show them what that formula isokayso for one box of oursweet pancake mix or our buttermilkpancake mix you can addfive pounds of water or ten cups sevenounces of eggs or foureach oil it’s seven and three quartersouncesor one cup okay you mix all thattogether with a box of mixand you will get your waffle batter okayso if you if for those of you who knowthis was the formula that is on the sameboxes that are on the side of our boxesfor our goldmetal mixes okay so if you justuh scan down here i’m just going to showyou what i did soum if you put the waffle batter so for astandardsize muffin pan if you put a numbera number eight scoop in inside of thewaffle batter you’ll getum you’ll get this is what you get for abelgianwaffle maker you’ll need to do twonumber 10 scoops and that’ll give youyour belgian wafflebatter and it’s about the same timethree to four minutes okayso up here i have a couple of differentstyles that i did here so i haveour standard waffle that i just put somefresh fruit and i topped it with some ofourvanilla parfait pro okay so and then ihave threeideas over here and i got inspired fromuh christina’s post on yammer last weekwhere they were talking about i think itwasi’m not sure if i’m pronouncing it rightif it was chapels or trufflesbut anyway i said let me do my own thinghere and i made some beercheese waffle sandwiches okay and allyou do hereis just add eight ounces of beeromitting theum water and then i added 12 ounces ofcheese soit could be a light beer or dark beerdepending on what you’re doingokay so right here what i have here is aroasted pork roasted pork um withspinach on a waffle and i have somesmoked cheddar cheeseinside of the waffle along with i thinki had some guinnessokay and scanning over here i have aroast beefuh waffle and i put some blue cheeseinside of the waffle and i have someroast beefuh lettuce tomatoes and i put a littlebit of pepper jack in there as wellokay so as i’m showing you this you knowi think this would be great for thediners out there your bar and grills outthere your commercial operators outthere this would bevery very helpful um that will go ontheir menusand lastly here i i have like a nicelittle appetizerthat i think would go well and this isa uh i call it an open face salmon clubso i put a little bit of parmesan cheesein a waffle with some mixed greensand then i have some blackened salmonwith somesliced cherry tomatoes and some choppedbacon on topand this would be a great appetizer thatyou can upscale so think about your barngrills your independent operators outthereum that i think will be great on theirmenusbut let’s scan back up just uh back upto me and i just want to saythis is just some little bit ofinformation that i can share with youguyshope you like the video but just want togive you that information and hopefullyit’s useful for youbut from neosorios we just want to sayhappy selling out therestay safe and we’ll talk to you soon

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