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Let’s make Protein Waffles

Let’s make Keto Mom Protein Waffles…

Easiest waffle Ever!
Who wants a Protein Waffle?!?
More Recipes: https://www.ketomomsecrets.com/post/keto-mom-protein-waffles


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Video Transcription

three eggs and you can use a packet ofprotein or one scoop of your favoriteprotein it’s super simplethree eggs a scoop of protein the nextone I’m gonna make I’ll use this so thiswas three eggs you can use a little bitof vanilla if you want to add to thatsuper super easy okay it’s gonna begreat it’s gonna be delicious basicsyrup you can make all it is is threetablespoons of butter we’re gonna usesome monk fruit and then we’re gonna usesome cinnamon mix it all upand they put that on top of your wafflehere we go look at here it is it’s justlike a little waffle and then if you putyour butter cinnamon and monk fruit onthereit’s a great breakfast enjoy so I’vebeen taking it dipping it in thishomemade syrup you guys this is reallygood it’s a teeny tiny bit of an eggypictured but this butter syrup isdelicious he’s trying to work concoctiontastes like a cinnamon roll he doesn’tthink it tastes like a healthified oneright Oh cream cheese with the buttercinnamon among fruit on the proteinwaffle

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