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Waffles Gone South Pt 1

We try to make waffles and things don’t go as planned.

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Video Transcription

hi so good morning well for us it’smorning and we are making waffles thismorning for breakfast waffles andsausage sausage and chicken and waffleswith yep frozen two chocolate chipswhich my mother got from Dollar Tree ofall faces dollar tree for and that wasmy brother yeah so now we have to cleanout the frickin waffle iron because noone cleaned it out last time someoneused it I think it was me you used itfor the regular waffles with chocolatechips okay so that was me like it’s okaythough took a lot out of me I understandhow people are able just make fourwaffles and just keep going it was justtired so right nowokay can put you thereso what I do through the chocolate is[Applause]literally just to vanilla and one okayso we did not have like a cup measuringone or at least I couldn’t find one so Ithink he’s 1/3 and then the the I wasusing um you know always always onJemima always and I was using that andthe thing it would not come out becauseit’s like so clumpy or whatever I’dalways try to get it out I just not comeout so she’s like you know what whateverI started dumping it in there so I don’tknow if we’re gonna have enough wafflesfor everybody but I can only think moreno there’s one been sitting on chaircool anyone taste one[Applause]they said white chocolate[Applause]look I just lift up one eyebrow no youcan do it I can’t like I legitimatelycannot do this put your eyebrows up andthey’re like try to push one down oh mygosh okaythis week make the waffles okay so howmuch did soap did you put all the papertowel you know is I used a surprise Isaw this just wanted something like youkinda see the little face I can’tanymore I think I need morewhat’s that called chocolate chips no Ithink one of the launch of my mom I hopewe don’t get stuff everywhere the killerjust like that’s where my gosh okay okayall right so I’m gonna keep it’s lookinggoodoh my god hey I had to put high supporta low extender cordding-ding-ding that’s what littleextension cord because the X the thethinking cord to the waffle maker yeahthat’s about like oh my gosh thosefooling around the freaking camera souse my phone we’re out of whippin cameraoh my goshI forgot to put grease well I thoughtyou wanted something’s burning I’m goodlordsee this is why I don’t make things thisis why Regan doesn’t make things and I’mabout to unplug this oh my gosh and yeswe still have Christmasyes that’s literally been sitting therefor two yearsokay go get a plate we’re gonna playgive me give me awesome I’m a boss[Music]all exhaustedbut you’re free[Music]well those chocolate chips definitely[Music]I can I can[Music]hold on hold onyou’d be above it it’s back one day andone day pick that across the floorI don’t know but this no because evenwhen I first got it off the shelf it wasthe women unplugging cuz it’s reallyhard I gonna burn myself[Music]Igo with this thing is broken[Music]by the waythank the camera doesn’t want dresses[Music]okay so I got the bottom part back onlike where the logo is but it seems likelittle scary-looking things probablyvery smallbutyeah I’m gonna call it quits on thewaffleI broke the waffle iron I broke I brokethe waffle iron I did that mm-hmm abunch of batter left it’s all a bunch ofbatter left which I think I’m just gonnamake pancakes with and then and thenI’ve explained this to my motherthat’ll be fun they you don’t use it butI like to use it anyways thank you forconsuming this whatever this isthank you for consuming it oh my goshstill trying to fix that thing thank youfor consuming and have a nice day

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