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Video Transcription

[Music]hello guys welcome to my waffle recipevideo so for this video I’ve beenneeding two cups of flour a cup of sugar[Music]two tablespoons of baking powder onetablespoon of salt and heated margarinethree medium-sized[Music]the next thing you’ll be our milk put inone and a half cup of milk now that wehave all of our ingredients we want toincorporate them and mix it up popularto will get the right consistency so wewant to set that aside and get ourwaffle iron heated[Music]so at this point you want to make surethat you waffle iron is properly heatedso that you can get you know the bestwaffle so once you’re certain that youriron is well heated and ready to go youapply your nonstick spray so that yourwaffles do not stick into you know stickto your iron so you apply your butterevenly to get the best shaped wafflelike I’m doing in the videoand you just let that to cook for abouteight minutes so if you have a waffleiron that is like mine that has thelight indicator that shows you when yourwaffle is cookedthat makes it easier otherwise you justwant to time this between six to eightminutes your waffle should be ready somy iron comes with an indicator like youcan see already on a green indicatorthat tells me when to open you know whenhe says green that means I want thisready so I’m just waiting for myindicator so I can open up and check awaffle is readythis looks really good and crunchy Itell you I can’t waitso let’s go on[Music]so you repeat the whole process againapplying the nonstick spray putting inyour butter your butter and waiting foryour waffle to cook remember if you wantvery nicecrunchy and sumptuous waffles you wantto make sure that you let your iron heatup properly that way you don’t havewaffles it up swimmingly on[Music][Music]so yes it’s on my last set of thewaffles I’m just gonna take them out andshow you how they’re going to be eatenin about a minute so last laughI can wait my kids also are lookingforward to eating so we’re gonna havethis for dinner actuallyso he and what we usually do is thisit’s pretty cool up some part of sugaron our waffles and enjoy them so it’sIto a sprinkling powdered sugar and ourholes or we haven’t done with middlesyrup so it’s either this or this maplesyrup and whipped cream and some cherrytoppings so I’m just gonna show you howI did that in a bit[Music]okay you want to put in your whippedcreamthere’s a right amount you want andputting put up your cherry and thenevenly distribute your maple syrup Ilikeso yeah that’s about it thank you forwatching this video don’t forget to Likecomment and subscribe and I’ll see youin my next one

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