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How to make Pancake Mix – The Stay At Home Chief – A WillisWorld Short Film

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Video Transcription

chef’s I’m showing you how to make justadd water easy pancake mix that’s rightI’m going to show you how to make agiant batch of homemade pancake mix sothat when you’re ready to eat all youhave to do is add water in addition toflour you’ll need salt baking sodabaking powder sugar and instant nonfatdry milk this is a powdered milk itshould be really easy to find in thebaking aisle of your grocery storeshould be pretty easy to find now a lotof pancake mix recipes out there willhave you add butter and eggs and milkwhen you’re ready to bake but I’ve keptmine super simple which is one of thereasons why we’re adding the nonfat drymilk powder to the actual mix I’m gonnamake my mix right here in this jar whichwill be really easy for my kids to usethey love being able to make their ownpancakes in the morning and this recipemakes it super simple we’re gonna startby adding in four and a half cups ofall-purpose flour once you have all theflour in you’ll grab your powdered milkand we’ll measure in 3/4 of a cup soit’s going to be three scoops here nextup is 1/3 a cup of granulated sugar thentwo whole tablespoons of baking powder 1tablespoon of baking soda and last upone and a half teaspoons of regulartable salt super simple now you can stirit or if your container is big enoughjust pop the lid on and give it a shakethen you can just put this in yourpantry and voilapancake mix in creating this recipewe’ve tested a lot of different thingsthat you could add in like egg replacersand powdered butter but honestly in ourblind taste test this mix was by far thebest it was a unanimous decision nowwhen you’re ready to make pancakes allyou have to do is scoop out 1 cup of theflour dump that into a little mixingbowl add in 3/4 of a cup of water forevery 1 cup of mix and wallah pancakesare ready to cook I’ve got my griddlepreheated to medium-high heat I’m gonnagrab a quarter cup measuring cup cheeseas a scoop scoop up some of that batterand scoop it onto the griddle for everyone cup of pancake mix you can get about4 to 5 pancakes you’ll know the pancakesare ready to flip when you see bubblesform and it’sstarts to appear dry around the edgesjust give these a flip and that’s itthese pancakes are just about ready toserve up with some syrup now you canmake as much or as little of the mix asyou’d likebut the real benefit here is that youalways have pancake mix ready to go inyour pantry thanks for watching you canfind the full written recipe in thevideo description be sure to subscribelike and follow and check out the restof my videos where you can find hundredsof restaurant quality recipes you caneasily make at homesee you later[Music]

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