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How to make waffles kids tutorial

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Video Transcription

hey guys so I’m gonna be teaching youhow to make your own waffles so firstyou’re gonna need waffles morningdelight what a paper plated well just aplate some sooo up and let’s get to itokay so you’re gonna get me threewaffles a few – yeah – one that’s goodenoughyep – Wow put it on your plate mm-hmmopen the markzware door put it in gottafix it wouldn’t feel like one minute[Music]okay I’m just gonna pause the video guysI am NOT eating out there because lookthis is a mess and my cousins came overso I’m not eating out there I made it inthe kitchenbut also my baby cousin Jamie he thinksI’m his dad boom done what was waffleswaffles uh-huh yeah you can smell thegoodness now put them on top decorate[Music][Music]now did y’all get out its do it and thenput it on why not leave these I’m hisfatherhe tries to eat my stuff[Music]we’re not done yetflip over the waffle[Music]okay so guys I just don’t want you to besticky so we’re just gonna drink somewater with this no Jane hey um guys I’mjust gonna pause okay so I’m back and Isliced up in Walters but as I was sayingI was gonna give me some chocolate milknow all you need is a cup[Music]okay so I’m the kid so I have to climb Ialways take you I got my cup ready it’scheese no you’re gonna need somechocolate milk some milk please pour itin your cupoh good daystop I’m not moving it okay wait untilthe comb down it drop them with moneythat’s it lightly so I got the chocolatefor some in yeah the only reason isbubble teas because it’s mix it up yesfinally that good wait okay guys this isone like okay now I could eat out there[Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah sure do[Music]hey say it again today right to theirface[Music]

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