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Cook With Me || Chicken and Waffles with Nigerian Flavor

Hey family, friends, and strangers! Today I decided to try my hands at chicken and waffles with special ingredients. This gives the recipe a Nigerian flair!! Watch to find out!!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

its belly tastes so delicious like I’mso excitedhey everyone it’s about time Barney hereand welcome to my channel today I amgoing to make a Nigerian spin on chickenand waffles[Music]the chicken recipe I was inspired by oneof my friends Tootsie Tootsie TootsieTootsie tsutsu and then the wafflerecipe was inspired by my mom’s pancakerecipe which is pretty much how we eatsmy cake in Nigeria i marinate said mychicken drumettes drumettes drum let’sthe drum form the chicken wings and igot itovernight and basically i just marinatemy chicken with salt black pepper andpaprika I have my notes here becauselike I said it’s my first time with thisrecipe so the wet butterwhat I have is flour milk egg and thisis where tutu’s recipe comes in placeshe adds suya pepper that’s excitingI’m also going to add paprika and thenwe’re I’m going to add my own littlepanas is crayfish because I am partsebook and also from the South South I’man opening girl and we use crayfish inalmost all of our recipes 1 cup of milkokay then we have 1 cup of flour that Iforgot to bring out I’m running out offlour oh my god I will not have enoughon my waffles because oh I did not findthis thing turu we can’t go outsidebecause you know Koro aka Rona she’s outthere and today is Sunday so I know thegrocery stores are going to be hellapopped or no stocks for the life of me Ireally don’t think I actually have youknowflour to make my waffles I’m gonna putlike a tablespoon of each hopefully thatworks so this is my what is this this ismy co pepper I already have anothervideo where I made what did I make Ithink I made beef Co tacos so go checkthat one out sits on my IG TV as well asmy YouTube so about that much CF everthat’s a lot a whole bunch of paprikathe Cree fish just a little bit of saltI don’t want this to be too salty that’sspontaneously yo spur of the moment I’mgonna add garlic to the liquid batter Ilove garlic and because this is the wetliquid or liquid redundance I’m gonnaadd just this already pre minced garlicso they have the liquid butter done sojust as my luck would have it I’ve runout of flour the flour that I have leftis for my waffles so what I’m going todo is I’m going to grind up some folksclearly I didn’t prepare for this videoclearly that’s what eat a lot of oats nofoo-foo so I might as well grind up onone anyways actually you know what noI’m really hungry now and don’t havetime to turn up a whole lot of pillsoatmeal’s Tammy speaking English verywellcome on Ohis about 1 cup of the flour we’re goingto add some more of the sea of ice rightthereso I’m foot free cup black pepper forthis evening it’s pretty much like 1tablespoon of each then we’ll addbullion cubes let’s do just one when itshould be fine let’s crush that crush ohno sometimes they get really hard alittle part of me wants to add just alittle bit of that crayfish I can getthe taste on the outside as well so I’mjust gonna add it – this is a littleexperiments and I’m glad you guys arehere to join me on this experiment sojust a little bit I was like having atablespoon or actually I put list I gotscaredwe’re just gonna put like maybe aquarter cup or so yeah we’re just gonnayou just pretty much coats the chickendip into the lip butter a voilaand that’s it you put it in the oven at325 degrees for 30 minutes wonders 35minutes so first up we’re gonna put thedry ingredients and we have two cups offlour in here four teaspoons of bakingpowder this is what causes the buccalFluffles this is what causes the wafflesto be fluffy air rise so the liquidingredients we’re gonna add two eggsokay so we have the two eggs on here wehave about 6 tablespoons of butter thatI melted in there so then we’ll add twotablespoons of sugarlet’s give or take one andthree-quarters milk vanilla we’ll doabout a teaspoon vanilla extract this ispure vanilla extract smells like icecreamyep we have a little bit of a wellformed and the flour mix ingredientsdon’t want to over mix it’s gonna be alittle of these what we have here whichis chopped up onions and habanerofingers crossed that actually turns outwell let me tell you one thing about meand making wafflesmaking waffles gives me anxiety I don’tlike to make waffles especially at thehotels where they have the waffle area Idon’t know I just always feel so muchpressure to make the perfect wafflewhich means it doesn’t spill over whichmeans it fills out the whole thingperfectly you know it’s not too skinnyit’s fluffy it’s golden it’s beautifuland it’s just so much pressure I don’tknow why I feel that much pressure everysingle time so making this right now I’mjust like man so it’s not bad it’sactually not bad at all not bad so Ilearnt distinct from my first work shesaid if you don’t want it soggy you kindof go like this sorry I’m looking overthere cuz I can see my myself in the mymonitor oh man I did about like how tocook the first time around I did prettymuch one cup no like three or 3/4 cupand it spilled over just a little it’snot stupidand there you have it ladies andgentlemenchicken and waffles and I just dialed Ialready tasted some of the a bit of thewaffles it is lovely lovely tastes sodelicious like I’m so excitedno but the waffles know they actuallylike bang it’s got this even amount ofspiciness to it so that I feel like mydreams would definitely appreciate butit still has that waffle tease and thenthe chicken Mexican picture of this forthe ground gonna add up a little honeyon this we’re gonna have a little sweetand spicy Nigerian chicken out waffles

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