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How to Make the Best Homemade Waffles!

Today I make the best homemade waffles. Really thanks for all the support as of late. Enjoy, you really have to make this recipe!


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Video Transcription

so in this video we’re gonna be makingthe tastiest waffles and all the woundsso start it off with 1 cup flour comingwith 1 teaspoon of baking powder 1tablespoon of sugar 1/2 teaspoon of saltthen you just want to whisk that andincorporate it fully and you want tocome in with 1 cup of milk doesn’tmatter what milk just any milk you haveI just want to pour that in then 1 athen you want to mix that in make sureit’s smooth you don’t have to get allthe lumps out right now but just mixthat in then you want to add in 2teaspoons of vanilla and a vegetable oilthen you want to mix that in don’t tryto not over mix but you want to get muchthe lumps out now you wanna put somenonstick cooking spray on your cookingiron and then you want to pour in yourbatter and you want to close it and thenwhen it’s done you can put whateveringredients on top your butter yourpowdered sugar your gym your Aunt Jemimasyrup and then you want to give it a cutand then taste it now this particularbatch was really good and since I have asmaller cooking iron I made a smallerbatch so if you have a bigger one youprobably want to make a bigger batch butgeez this was really good it was softcrispy on the outside and it didn’t makeme regret wanting to make this for avideo so I hope you guys make this ifyou just wake up in the morning and youcraving something this is just the bestrecipe to make yeah so thank you guysfor watching comment like and subscribeand chef queue upyou

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