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How to make WAFFLES! (A super easy recipe that’s totally worth it)

This is my go-to waffle recipe! It looks fancy to whoever you’re cooking for, but it’s actually super easy. Also, never fear: although it looks like I’m using a lot of tools in this video, I have on anti-dishes-days pulled this off with like, two bowls and a spoon.

Full Recipe (“6-8 servings”):

Dry Ingredients:
– 1 1/3 cups flour
– 4 tsp baking powder
– 1/2 tsp salt
– 2 tsp sugar

Wet Ingredients:
– 2 eggs, separated
– 1/2 cup melted butter (butter in the batter helps stop the waffle from sticking to the iron!!)
– 1 3/4 cups milk


Half Recipe (usually makes about 3 whole waffles):

Dry Ingredients:
– 2/3 cup flour
– 2 tsp baking powder
– 1/4 tsp salt
– 1 tsp sugar

Wet Ingredients:
– 1 egg, separated
– 1/4 cup melted butter
– 7/8 cup milk


1. Combine Dry Ingredients
2. Combine Egg YOLK, milk, melted butter
3. Beat Egg WHITES to stiff peaks
(Steps 1, 2, 3 can be done in any order)
4. Gently mix together your combined dry+wet ingredients
5. Fold in beaten egg whites
6. Cook in waffle iron
7. Eat!! 🙂

**Tip: I like to keep the waffles I cook first warm while making the rest of them by sticking them in the oven or in a toaster at a low temperature like 200°F. That way they’re all ready at once!!
(Or you can just eat them as you go – let your next waffle cook while you’re enjoying it’s predecessor fresh from the iron. :D)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Hey happy Mother’s Day uhit’s so cold here it literally snowedyesterday in the middle of May great toknow that uh our planet is still dyingso you would think that maybe this wouldbe an apropos time for me to reviewfrozen on Broadway which I was planningon doing but I don’t really feel like itright nowso instead um here’s a video aboutwafflesso something my family likes to do onspecial occasionswell if to go to Chengdu 23 the bestChinese restaurant in New Jersey but wecan do that right now so somethingthey’d like to ask me to do for specialbreakfasts is to make wafflesnow I keep my waffle recipe in thislittle lie notebook and I’ve written youcan see besides the normal recipe I havethe amount of ingredients needed foronly half the recipe so that’s what I’mgonna be making this time but I will putthe full recipe in the description incase you want to do that so you justkind of mix the dry ingredients togetherand then you’re gonna need to melt somebutter so I like to just put the butterinto a microwave-safe Bowl and microwaveit in order to melt it so you mix yourwet ingredients um I like to microwavemy milk a little bit before I add themelted butter because if you’re addingthe melted butter to cold milk then likethe butter is just gonna kind ofsolidify again and that’s not great youdon’t want that so here’s the part thatmakes this recipe look complicated eventhough it’s really not is that youseparate an egg so you put the yolkright in with the rest of the wetingredients the butter in the milk andthen that egg white that you separate itout you beat that until you’ve got likestiff peaks and then you want to combineall your ingredients nowit is so cold that my wet ingredientsactually solidified so I went ahead andmicro after that again to make themliquid again and what I like to do isadd a little bit of my wet ingredientsto my dry ingredients sort of mix it upand then add a little more and mix it upagain and then of course add the restand finish mixing those together now Idon’t really bother trying to be reallythorough when I’m mixing I remember whenI was a child I used to try so hard toget out every single lump and it tookforever but I think that you actuallymess up the texture of something whenyou do that like maybe you’re puttingtoo much air in it or something I don’tknowbut I guess it is a good way to distractchildren so if you have small childrento entertain you can ask them to helpyou by asking them to mix somethinguntil all the lumps are gone and that’sgonna take agesso you add in your egg whites that youwhipped up earlier and now they callthis folding it in I’m not reallyfolding you can see but I just sort ofvery lightly combined it you don’treally want to mix it too much becauseyou’re gonna lose all the air that youjust be into the egg white as you cansee my final product the egg whites arestill like super clumpy and not supercombined in so go over to your waffleiron I like to just put a little butteron my waffle iron as well so that lateron it’s gonna be really easy to get thewaffles out they’re not gonna stick toit too much and you just add your batterin there don’t add too much like fill itup you really don’t need to fill theentire thing also try not to spill iteverywhere the way that I do but yeahbecause it’s going to expand when itcooks and it will seep out the sides tomake a huge mess on your counter I dothis practically every time I makewaffles it’s a problem anyway now Iguess our waffle makers are probablydifferent mine has little light on itand supposedlywhen the light goes off the waffles donebut that’s not true and also supposedlywhen steam stops coming out that meansall the moisture is gone from yourwaffles and then they’re ready but thatalso does not really work for me thatmethod I’ve discovered that sevenminutes is usually a good time took themcook my waffles although you knowmileage may vary and of course I canonly really do one waffle at a time andsince they take so long you kind of needto keep them warm so I like to juststick them in the oven in the meantimeto keep them warm anyway something thatmy family likes to do a lot when we havewaffles or pancakes is to make thislittle thing just some sour cream somesugar and some vanilla extract and youcan just combine that and again it looksreally beautiful and silky smooth thisis a great alternative to like whippedcream it’s not as sweet or if you justdon’t have heavy cream around and youcan stick that on your waffle with somefruit like this is some Apple that Ijust added some brown sugar and cinnamonor you know you could always do the oldchocolate and banana combo always awinner and that’s how you can makewaffles very easily it’s a great optionfor you to make something that seems alittle special for breakfast or any timeof day really

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