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Video Transcription

yes in a large mixing bowl we’re gonnawhisk together about two cups ofall-purpose flour one tablespoon ofbaking powder a tablespoon of sugar anda quarter teaspoon of saltand like I said you just want to givethis a quick whisk to combine then we’llstart adding in our liquid ingredientsyou’ll need 1 and 3/4 of a cup ofbuttermilk and I do recommend usingbuttermilk or you can try one of mybuttermilk substitutes they’re supereasy you’ll need 2 large eggs 1/2 ateaspoon of vanilla extract and thenlast of all 1/2 a cup of melted butterthen you’ll whisk this together untileverything is combined you should end upwith a batter that’s thick but stillspreadable you can store this batter inan airtight container in the fridge forabout three to five days just give it alittle stir before you use it nextpre-heat your waffle iron today I’musing a Belgian waffle maker but you canuse any shape of waffle makerhow much batter you use will depend onthe shape of your waffle iron and so fora Belgian traditional Belgian stylewaffle maker you use about 1/2 a cup ofbatterwe’ll get this cooking the first waffleis always kind of a test run so you canfigure out how much battery you need youwant to start out with less thoughbecause you don’t want the battersquishing out the sides of your waffleiron see all this steam coming out ofthe waffle maker this is a goodindicator that the waffle is stillcooking when the steam stops coming outit’s a good indicator that your waffleis done and I just use a fork so I don’ttotally burn myself and pop that waffleright out just keep going until you’veused all your batter and it looks like Icould use a little bit more about itwith each waffle this recipe makesapproximately four belgian-style wafflesbut of course if you need more you caneasily double or triple this recipethanks for watching you can find thefull written recipe in the videodescription be sure to subscribe likeand follow and check out the rest of myvideos where you can find hundreds ofrestaurant quality recipes you caneasily make at home let’s dig inbecause boy

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