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How To Make Amazing Waffles (Prestigious Judge Testing)

No waffles were harmed in the making of this video.
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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]you’re the color you hungrywhat are you doing in there just planwe’re gonna make some food cuz I’mhungry I just worked out and I’m feelinglike a waffle bang let’s go heyeverybody I’m really hungry during thisquarantine all the time and I’m hungryagain so we’re gonna make some cocoapebbles people do waffles let’s get itgo it’s a step one this is a veryelaborate recipe here we’re gonna openthe box open the plasticplastic is open we’re gonna toast threehomes one two three and we’re gonna setour toaster to pretty light we don’twant them to get too dark then what wedo is go wait well as I’m home I dealingwith say got to keep the body guessingso we’re gonna put a little twist onthese waffles we’re gonna go to thepantry we’re gonna get our nearest boxof cocoa pebbles okay and then we’regonna go over here five seconds butwe’re gonna wait for the waffles to bedone and then you will see okay we’regonna get some other ingredients outlike peanut butter and some more greenso like some jellywe have grape and let’s turn the oven onto four that should be good this wouldbe good and then we will wait until thewaffles are done waffles are done herewe go good night brushing put a knife inthe pan all right you got the butter inthe pan now we’re gonna get a platewe’re gonna get three small plates wegot to do something so gonna take allAwful’s that are done in warming awesomeand we’re gonna put on the plates andwe’re gonna do a surgical procedurecalled local pebble attachment I don’tknow what I’m saying so what we want todo is lightly sprinkle cocoa pebblesover the waffles and press them gentlyinthe hexes the squares I don’t know howto speak English all right once you haveit filled I’m going to take it where doall three trust me this is the this is aworld-renowned recipe Chef Boyardeecreated this show up to him sell it tomy boy Chef Boyardee all right forgetthe last waffle here nice and chocolateit up this chocolate waffles are alwaysbetter all right now we’re gonna do sowe get four cords pork and we’re gonnagently press down so that’s the pebblesdo not exit this said waffle all threenice nice perfect perfect perfect and wedo the last one just to make sure theydon’t fly out all rightwas it nice what we’re gonna do is we’regonna set the waffle into the pan oh mygosh that’s amazing now you will havesome spillage of cocoa pebbles that’sokay don’t worry about it and you don’twant your pan to be too hot just likefor I don’t know the different ovens butfor is good just to melt the cocoapebbles inside of the waffles yes alsowash your hands before you make anythingand don’t touch the food all right sonow we’re gonna sauce them up a littlebitall right the waffles have beensimmering for a long time now about fiveminutes I think they’re ready to beprepped for the judges as you can seezero kokapetl stayed on the waffle oh mygosh this is a disaster this is Hell’sKitchen oh my gosh well we’re gonna haveto adapt and overcome here so we have toseize well oh my god don’t worry don’tworry we have this total puddle simmeredin the butter and we’re just gonna dipthem on we will repress them becausereal cooks oh my gosh we’re gonna burnourselves your real cooks know what howto adapt and overcome so then we’regonna sauce them on here and we’re gonnasauce them on here come on sauce go goall right to give the excess cocoapebbles off your pan hold onall right so this was kind of a mess andI might have lied you guys Chef Boyardeedidn’t make this recipe I did if Imessed up it’s not working that’s okaywe will adapt and we will see if thejudge is still proof so now for a finalstep we have the beautiful warmedcrisped cocoa pebbles onions waffle andnow we’re gonna add the final touches ofpeanut butter and jelly oh yeah so wegot PBJ on now and final touches we gotgot yo gabba do it what the crap we haveto sprinkle cocoa pebbles on there we golook at those masterpieces right thereartistic hopefully delicious see whatour judges thinkhello I’m here to judgethe first waffle[Music]what is that I’m sorry the you thattricks guy was kind of rude he didn’tintroduce himself I don’t know hethere’s no I’m not surprised he didn’tlike it let’s get on to the next twojudges hey what’s up guys I’m an expirate glad to be heremy name is Jeff Lackey and I guess I getto try this awesome waffle thanks guysWow good presentation it looks reallygoodWow I don’t think I’ve ever had thisbefore but let’s try it you know that’spretty horrible I only have had thatterrible in my entire life so I’m gonnawalk the plank and thank you for puttingme through this horrible traumaticexperience oh my god it’s not good we’reall Fortuna I really thought theex-pirate would like it but I don’t knowlet’s let’s hope the third judge couldsave us cuz we need this yo chef Samthanks for having me we got the sameoutfit on bro thanks for having me thislooks amazing dude I love waffles myselfso this should be a knock in park that’spretty good wait wait[Music][Applause]guys I don’t know what happened Ithought he didn’t move I thought hewasn’t allergic it was a disaster Ireally thought I was on the same levelwith Chef Boyardee and my boy GeorgeForeman but I’m not not even close tothat good yeah I don’t know if that wasa skit or what but if you watch thatwhole thing thank you I don’t know howyou did that help everyone’s safe canhelp you during this time and a lot ofwaffles you know stay safe not bad[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]

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