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How to make homemade waffles.

This is my first vlog. I hope everybody is doing well during this quarantine time.

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Video Transcription

hi Maggie yeah today I’m going to showyou how to make homemade clock on yourspoon like this and put it in a big bowllet’s skip over nursegood luck flour and put it in a big bowland then we’ll put the spoons up thenget one egg just one no two or 100 andthen crack it and then put it in theflour and then get the mix and then mixit for a while and then when it lookslike this then put some water in it andyou put it in the flour and egg by alittle by little and when you and whenyou still look like this add more waterand then mix it and mix itand if it looks like this you have tomix it more and if you still see alittle bump add some more water and thenstop mixing againafter you’re done mixing add some sugaradd three scoops of sugar this much putin there this much and there and thismuch and then start mixing again anddon’t put any more water also to be tootoo watery I knew when it’s mixed itlike this that’s okay but if you thinkthere’s a little air bump add somelittle water just a little bit not toomany and then until it looks like thislet’s stop right here let’s do anotherone any kind of oil except peanut oildo not use peanut oil and then you openno oil and put it in a small bowl nottoo small and just put a little bit ifyou don’t think that’s enough for yourwaffle then add a little bit more thenget a oil brush like this and thenyou want lookerlet’s put her somewhere where you canplug a pair of must plug it if you are alittle kid and trying to make this andthen first or not plug it in front openthe waffle cooker get the oil you justyou just put it in the smoker and getthe oil brush and put it on a sign ofthe oil brush then stir like smoothingon it on the waffle cooker and then ifyou don’t think that’s enough then addsome more remember to do down and upor else it might stick on the up and setup the down and after you’re done withsmoothing the oil you’ll have to get thebatter what you just did to make thewaffle and you must get a spoon justlike this then you get the full and putit somewhere near the waffle and thenscoop up a scoop and wait till it won’tdrip and then put it on the oil spotdon’t put it on the spot where youdidn’t put the oil and then smooth itall around this while you smooth it andtell you don’t see any of the wafflecooker[Music]maybe you’ll have to pay until the stuffthe waffle stuffs are gone like this andthen we’ll make it like you can’t see dostuff you can still see this stuff rightso we’ll add a little bit more not toomany and then you put the spin righthere and the wahoo hookers plug this oneand then plug it and somewhere you canthat the waffle is closed and then waitand if you and if you see some balls notlike that or maybe when it’s dry go getsome more but not right now[Music]you got accent[Music]until and wait for it and wait for itand wait for until it you hear a soundand it’s like dried so dried and whileyou’re waiting you could do somethingfun and then when you hear that soundquick quick come and if you see someblack stuff or maybe this stuff wafflecooker you’re using add some more[Music]see and then once you hear the soundstart waiting for it and then when yousee these like this or maybe some otherkind of shape but not like too wet youfurther then you have to put more and ifyou see some of these stuff and then youhave to add more stuff like the morebatter you just made and then close itand if you give this sound it means it’sgood then you open it and you can seeyou like things but you still have towait and if you can only find a littlebit of them you have to make the backyou have to make this waffle batter muchmore higher so I can get up it like thisand then we start closing it again andthen while you do this you can wait plusyou can do fun stuff but if you hearsome fart come like the squeezy stuffthen you must come to check on yourwaffles and you have to close it veryhard and then open it it looks like thisfirst when you put it like some secondsor minutes and then you’ll have to closeit for 10 minutes if you like if it’sstill wet or maybe you think it lookswet then you still have to close it wellit might not work after you close it youcan open it every time youyou see it like this push it down alittle bit and I’m waiting for and ifyou still don’t think that one is verygood or still wet got some more battersand then you start closing it againand now we’ll have to wait for it andthen when you get this sound you have tolook yet and don’t wait too longsee it’s still a little bit wet here soyou still have to close it and try notto let the batter come out of by theside or or elephant makes stick and youcan never get it off or maybe yousometimes can’t get it offand so looks like this plus you stillhave to wait for some more minutes andclose it very hard until you hear a veryloud sound[Music]you called it and close it and then seeit looks like this but deep think itstill looks wet touch it with the cleanhands you touch it and if you think it’sstill too wet e or any obtuse slimy orstuff you don’t have to cut it you’llhave to wait till it looks crunchysee it looks like this now maybe youshall put it more while you close thatyou get the dish and stuff you got holesfor your waffles like a fork orchopsticks only picking you know to usechopsticks you can get a fork now let’scheck on it be careful it may be hotuntil it looks like this if you stillthink it’s too wet or maybe slimy youstill have to close it for a littlewhile and then you have to put then youhave to unplug it so get too hot andplease with a parent do this not a teenytiny tip and then you can use a toss inand try to touch it and if you stilldon’t think it’s very good then use awaffle cooker cook it again it’s gonnatake like forever then you open it andyou think it is good and there’s likebabies then you can unplug it and waitfor it to cool down let me go get theplate[Music]okay I’m back I gotta quit and make surethe plate is dry don’t get any water onit or maybe it might melt or stuff untilit looks dry and then you wait for thisto cool – and now you could gently putgently hold it it may live becausesometimes those water like that and thenyou make it see this is how you makehomemade waffle you still rememberbatter use it but if you think thepatter is too little and you still haveto I mean you don’t have but if youcan’t cover this hole then go get someflour then add sugar and water to mix itand then you can pour it on there thisis the wall I made it and if you try athome you can give it to your parent forbreakfast or your brother or sisters ormaybe you can even give it to yourgrandparents thank you for watching byeoh yes please subscribe and let acomment down below

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