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3-Ingredient Homemade Waffles – Healthy Kickstart

Breakfast just got better with this easy homemade waffle recipe from Sarah Britton’s Healthy Kickstart series. In this video you’ll learn how fast and easy it is to make waffles at home using only three ingredients! Give Sarah’s 3-Ingredient Toaster Waffles a try, and let us know what you think!

– 1 cup buckwheat
– 1 cup brown rice (or other gluten-free grain such as millet, quinoa, or amaranth)
– 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice
– 1 ripe banana

Optional Additions:
– citrus zest, such as lemon or orange
– vanilla
– coconut sugar or maple syrup
– spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, etc.
– fresh or frozen fruit (bananas are delicious)
– unsweetened desiccated coconut
– organic eggs
– tender greens, such as spinach
– protein powder

Special Equipment:
– waffle iron
– blender
– stove
– saucepan

1. Soak buckwheat and brown rice overnight in pure water with an acidic medium (such as apple cider vinegar or lemon juice). In the morning, drain and rinse well.
2. Place grains in a blender with 2 cups of water and the banana. Blend on highest setting until smooth, and add more water if needed. The consistency should be like pancake batter: fluid and pourable, but not thin and watery. Add any other elements you’d like, but try to maintain the consistency – add more water if necessary.
3. Heat your waffle iron and grease it with just a little bit of coconut oil. When hot, pour batter onto the the waffle iron, close it and cook for about 5 minutes – you should no longer see steam rising from the machine. Open and remove waffles carefully.
4. Serve hot with desired toppings. Store leftovers in the fridge for up to three days. Freeze extras and reheat in a toaster oven before enjoying.

Sarah Britton (BFA, CNP) is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Following her philosophy of “making healthy choices every day” she has been creating recipes for her readers all over the world since 2007.

Winner of the 2014 Saveur “Best Food Blog – Special Diets Blog” Awards, Sarah currently teaches cooking classes, runs workshops on detoxification and cleansing, food as medicine, and nutrition fundamentals. She creates exclusive menu plans and recipes for various media and gives lectures and speaks in public forums such as TEDx.

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Video Transcription

in this video I’m going to show you howfast and easy it is to make threeingredient toaster waffles[Music][Music][Music]I grew up eating a lot of toasterwaffles for one I thought they weredelicious but I know that it was justreally easy for my parents to stick onefrom the freezer into the toaster andthen breakfast was served so incelebration of eating healthier Idecided to come up with a really coolfreezer toaster waffle recipe that onlyhas three ingredients this is so simpleand it’s unbelievably healthy for you soit starts with whole grainsthe two grains that I always recommendare buckwheat to start with and actuallyI’m using brown rice in this recipe butyou can use millet or amaranth or quinoaany other kind of gluten-free grain sothese grains have been soaking overnightin a little bit of apple cider vinegarthis combination is one cup of buckwheatit’s the whole buckwheat groats and onecup of short grain brown rice you canalso use long grain if you like but thisis what I had on hand and this amountneeds about two teaspoons of an acidicmedium such as apple cider vinegar lemonjuice and what this is going to do isactually start the fermentation processbreak down some of those harder todigest carbohydrates so this is gonnamake the nutrients in the grains farmore absorbable and much easier to breakdown in our system what it also does isit softens the grains so that we canblend them this recipe has absolutely noflour in it whatsoever it’s also veganand of course gluten free so I’m goingto put my soaked grains into the blenderas neatly as possible there we go thereason I use buckwheat here with anyother grain is because Buckley has avery special property once it’s soakedit kind of gets a bit jelly-like andthat’s why we don’t need any eggs inthis recipe because the buckwheat itselfis the thing that’s gonna help find theother ingredients together just reallycool the next ingredient is a ripebanana the banana adds sweetness to thisrecipe but it also helps the binding youcan do this without a banana butactually I find the results with abanana are better there we go so I’mjust gonna make sure my waffle iron ishot hereyou do need a waffle iron for thisrecipe though that’s the only thing sonow I’m gonna fill it up with water Iusually use the same amount of water asI do with grains but actually it’spretty simple if you just pour it in thewater should just come above the grainso then you don’t even need a measuringcup now always err on the side ofcaution with the water because you canalways add more later but you can nevertake the water away so let’s see how wedo with this amount to start[Music][Music][Music]okay that’s looking pretty good whatwe’re looking for is a pretty you knowthickish better I’ll just stir it hereactually it’s a bit chunky I’m gonnagive it a little more time but I’m notgonna add any more water actually theconsistency is pretty good[Music]okay that looks good so if you want toflavor this batter with anything I havea few suggestions it’s really deliciouswith a little bit of vanilla extractsome orange zest some lemon zest somecinnamon or cardamom you can really goto town with different flavors and it’sfun to experiment as well so my waffleiron is nice and hot I have it on abouta setting of three and I like to put alittle bit of coconut oil in heredepending on what type of waffle ironyou have it’s really important to get itpretty greased up because we don’t wantit sticking so I like to use one ofthese silicone brushes I just put alittle coconut oil in the center andthen I can generously coat the pan hereagain because there’s no fat in ourrecipe at all there’s no butter or creamor anything you’re going to make surethere’s a little bit on the waffle ironit also tastes better that way okay thatlooks goodand it’s no bowl to do this we justactually pour directly from the blenderright into the waffle ironlooks good so close the lid try not togo too far to the edge because thenyou’re gonna have a lot of spillover andI’m gonna have a little bit here butthat’s okay so these need to cookdepending on your waffle iron again inthe setting four to six minutes try notto open it before you think they’refinished a really good indicator isactually as the waffle cooks it’s goingto steam a lot because that’s the wateractually leaving the blend or the thedough batter so once it stops steamingas much you know that’s a good indicatorthat it’s almost finished but whathappens when you open the waffle irontoo soon is that you’re gonna have theedges or the halves separating so if youwant to keep your waffle nice andtogether then be patient so this recipemakes between six and eight wafflesdepending on the size of your iron soI’m gonna cook the rest of these up andthen I’ll show you how to serve them[Music]so I’m just gonna check on the lastwaffle whoo these are so beautiful lookat that golden perfection great so thereare all the waffles this recipe madeabout six but this is a fairly largewaffle iron if yours is smaller you’llhave a little bit more perhaps I’m gonnamove this forward a bit so I just wantedto show you what I like to do first ofall get yourself a freezer bag again youwant to make up these ahead of time makeall the waffles up these have beencooling a little bit so I’m gonna putthem in my freezer bag and these willkeep in the freezer gosh for two orthree months but it is important to letthem cool down before you put them inthe bag because you can see these are abit warm still and they’re kind ofsteaming up okay beautiful okay so thereare my waffles in the bag try and get asmuch air as you can and this is such aconvenient way to have your breakfastready for you all week long it’s amazingfor kids and the cool thing is you candress these up however you like so let’spretend that we have put our waffles inthe freezer and I just took this one outbecause our toasters a little small I’mgonna break this in half and again we’repretending this is a frozen waffle soput it into the toaster I like to justheat it through again these are alreadycooked so you don’t need to you knowcook them any further or toast them anyfurther but just heat them through sothat’s it and this is how I would serveit so I like to have it with someberries I got some strawberries heresome blueberriesthis is also really nice with maybe somecashew cream some raw honey you can getfancy if you like I have some toastedpumpkin seeds and coconut here and havesome chia seeds I love adding chia seedsto breakfast foods especially like thesewaffles because they don’t have anyflavor but they add an incredible amountof energy healthy fats good protein andfiber so they’re really really fillingand last but not least we have to putsome maple syrup on these so alwayschoose pure maple syrup if you canbecause that’s the healthy kind andagain I like to use the b-grade maplesyrup it’s harvested later in the seasonso it’s actually richer and minerals mmmI don’t know about you but I want todive into this pretty badlyso I’m gonna have a bite they’re soincredibly crispy on the outside andtender on the inside oh my gosh I can’tbelieve there’s only three ingredientsin these they’re so fast and easy tomake absolutely delicious so versatileI think you’re really gonna love them[Music]

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