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Making waffles with Ada

Ada shows her friends how to make waffles!

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Video Transcription

hey guys to my channel my channel iscalled cooking with a de so today I’mgonna make breakfast which is okay nowwe have to make Oh mr. gotta tell youguys this is one in a half so you gotone full scoop and a half of scoop okayonce you’re done with that just to getthe same amountokay starting with the half then doanother so okay now we’ll get sugar fillit up just a little bit not too muchlike this much and then you put it inand we need the cap so we can measurethe vanilla so you get the cap and fillup another it’s much like this make sureall the wayso then you have to add a tablespoon ofoil whenever you make waffles atablespoon just so and then you get asoup and you mix it if it is too liquidythen you have to add more powder pinkcake powder it is too white too not tooliquidy to sit there that means you haveto add more milk or water it’s up ahsince mine is just a little bit you actjust a little bit more its mix it up andthen wait till it’s perfect like thisyou either Kippur it or you can get acup and pour it in little by littlemake sure to keep the bowl right underyour cups[Music]keep on popular walk maker just don’t dotoo much then it’ll overflowalright alright so now you close the topof your wall homemaker you put it upclose it and wait till this turns greenokay so you have to get a fork for thisone so you could scrape it out and youneed to get a plate too you need justone plate so you put fit all yourwaffles on here and you serve your kidsor yourselfso it would be ready pretty soon thenonce it’s done you make

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