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How to cook skillet pancakes

In this how-to video, I cooked David Eyre’s Pancake and added a berry compote twist. Cherries, strawberries and powdered sugar decorated the delicious popover style pancake cooked in a cast iron skillet. Bon appetite!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

how to make skillet pancakes with aberry compote before you do anythingelsepre-heat your oven to 425 degreesFahrenheit to begin you’ll need togather your ingredients for this recipeyou’ll need flour milk nutmeg eggsbutter powdered sugar a lemonstrawberries cherries and orange juicebegin by cracking your egg into a largebowl[Music]and then scramble once the egg isscrambled you’ll need to add about athird of a cup of flour[Music]when the flowers added carefully measurea third of a cup of milk and then addthat to the egg and flour mixture[Music]finally add a dash of nutmeg[Music]combine the whole mixture until it’s alittle lumpy now we’re on to the bestpart it’s time to cook turn your burnerto medium high[Music]and add your 8-inch cast-iron skilletwell the pan is heating you’re gonnawant to add two tablespoons of butter[Music]when the pan is hot melt the butter intothe pan let the butter melt but justbefore the butter Browns add your batter[Music]working quickly pop the whole skillet inthe oven for 15 minutes[Music]well that’s cooking it’s time for yourberry compote keep the stuff to mediumand carefully put a small pot on theburner[Music]well the pan is heating it’s time to gocut your berries first carefully cut theleaves off the strawberries[Music]I chose to use strawberries and cherriesfor this recipe you could really use anyberries you want for the compote nextcut your strawberries into thin slices[Music]after your strawberries are cut intothin slices deep hit your cherries usinga hard straw in the end you’ll wantabout a cup of berries once the pan ishot add the berries to the pan with atablespoon of orange juice[Music]let the berry simmer until they soft itthen mash them with a large spoon[Music]once they’re nice and soft remove from[Music]at this point your pancake is probablydone and can be removed from the ovendust over the top of the pancake withpowdered sugarfinally it’s time to plate[Music]remove the pancake from the skillet[Music]and then add the berry compote[Music]finish the whole thing with a drizzle oflemon[Music]Bon Appetit[Music]

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