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Making WAFFLES/ Cook with Reema

In this video I will be cooking waffles. This is an easy and a delicious way to make waffles I hope this helped you guys make waffles and I will see you in the next video byeee.

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Video Transcription

guys welcome channel wrong cook withRima today we’re gonna be making wafflesmake sure to subscribeturn off the notification button give ita huge thumbs up if you like it if youdon’t do whatever you want and let’s getstarted so I’m gonna tie my hair upthere we golettuce gonna wash our heartI’ve washed my hands I’ve got the balllet’s get started one egg white lesportes let’s go to the blender let’s putthis down I’m gonna turn the whisk onand now we’ll wait for five minutesoh my god guys look at thisnow we’re gonna set this aside let’s getto the next part now we’re gonna addfour yolk of the egg sugaralas NYX it’s terrible and taping oh I’msorry I don’t mean that six tablespoonsof oil 3/4 cups of milkSade of a cup of yogurt now let’s mixwe’re done mixing now let’s set it asideI’ve got a new clean Bowl we’re gonnaadd 3/4 cups of floura third of a cup of cornstarch a pinchof saltwe can soda half a spoon of bakingpowder we’re gonna mix the dry way let’sadd the wet ingredients mix well untilsmooth nicely doneadd the egg whites and now put it in tipmake sure you don’t mix it improperlyotherwise all the air will come out I’llshow you the proper way to do it now thewaffles are done now let’s Yammy smellsnice done I’m going to add a block ofbutter and this everwell I’m here to find a product if youguys so much for watchingI like that if you like it smash thatlike button see y’all next time good bye

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