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Chicken and Waffles|How to Make| Easy and Delicious Recipe

Quarantine cooking, made some delicious Chicken and Waffles, all scratch made and so easy to make. Check out this easy how to guide that will have the whole house wanting more.

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Video Transcription

in the buttermilk I put half a teaspoonof cayenne pepper I put some garlic Iput some onion powder and white pepper Ijust didn’t want the granules from theblack pepper in there so you can seeit’s nice and coated and when handlingchicken I like to wear gloves just be ashygienic as possible so you see has nicebeautiful chicken the leg meat I’m gonnacut into strips so Washee small littleclosedso now that you get everything all niceand chopped up nice neat just kind oftucked all the pieces back underneath sothose fresh cut pieces are completelycovered all right so now that we’reready to fry our oil is at 375 degreesquick reminder once you put the chickenin obviously the oil temperature isgoing to drop so you may need to adjustthe heat you take your chicken I alwaysuse one wet for one dry get it nice andcoated get another piece in there sowhen I slide them into the oil do notdrop them so you don’t get burnedso you combine our your dry ingredientskind of stir them around together thenyou’re going to add a cup and a half ofbuttermilkand you can add your three eggsas you can see the hands give you areally nice dark colored yoke I likewhat you’re getting get out of that outof store I think you’re just gonna whiskall this together and I add just alittle dash of uh I had a little bit ofour homemade vanilla you can see there’svanilla beans inside there I’ll justtake a bottle of Jack Daniel now whenI’m done using vanilla I just save thepods and stick them in there and overthe course of time I just release thenice flavors later on them betteryou can see the waffles nice andgolden-brownpresenting forward break it upadd yourself a knife will they eat thechickenfresh maple syrupthere you go taking the wafflesthanks for watching make sure you likeand subscribe

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