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How to Make Rainbow Waffles for St Patrick’s Day

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Video Transcription

hey guys I’m gonna be showing you how tomake a rainbow waffles prison betterstay here’s what you need two cups ofbusiness mix two tablespoons ofvegetable oil 1 and 1/3 cup of milk and1 egg this was a lot of fun to make mybaby sister she had a blast you didn’tmix all the ingredients together[Applause]you separate them into little the batterinto little bowls you can add foodcoloring depending on how much you needhere’s all the colors roommate todayblue yellow red and greenwe tried making it into a circle and astraight linemy favorite wasn’t in the lines ofcolors I was super fun to make I was itup that was my personal favorite thisone is a circle one that you can dosee how you did it in the straight linegoing down like that super cool downsone way you can do it this is mypersonal favorite and you can putwhipped cream on the sides to make itlook like clouds don’t forget tosubscribe thank you guys for watching

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