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How to make pancakes with Dareen

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Video Transcription

come back to the dead instead today I’mgoing to be making pancakes yep once notcrepesyeah so it’s been started voice soundingit I know I have runny noseyouso I’m going to add one cup of the mixso adding the track now okay so if youlook at the box if I’m making eight toten pancakes so that’s how much you needif you need more look at the boxI’ll show you later okay there is onescope right there that they’re going tosupport it right okay to add two thirdsof milk I’m going to add one like magictablespoon to add one egguntil there is no more clothesthe mix that there if you can see therewas a little bit that I didn’t add soI’m adding the chance I mentioned if youwant to make more than 8 to 10 pancakesif you want to make 16 to 18 pancakesyeah you need 2 cups of cake mix youneed 2 cups of cake mix 45 millilitersof make 2 eggs that are medium-sized andto table yeah2 tablespoons of vegetable oil if youwant to make 26 to 28 pancakes you need3 cups of cake mix you need five hundredand fifteen point five milliliters ofmilk 2 eggs that are medium size and 3tablespoons of vegetable oil if you wantto make 5252 pancakes you will need 6six and I said wait let me check onesecondyes I’m right six and a half cups ofpancake mix five cups of make two toCity medium-sized eggs 1 and 1I’m gonna jump againokay torture cup and 2 tablespoons ofvegetable oilI decided to make them make so it’sright there but when it starts to thatyou’re going to pull it over the top youcan flip

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