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Making American waffles

The instruction how to make waffles

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Video Transcription

we’re different shape but those are babywas this is one currently give them fillit up as much as you canI will buy that machine my house wellyou can just buy a little baby walk awaygo and then you turn down and you putand that’s that’s off the timer and whenthe timer dings you’re walking them Ican flip it back over and open it upjust like a wedge with the mic you knowyou can’t or shouldn’t have any problems[Music]the name of this thing goes of thebatter BMT ter use batter to makepancakes use batter to make waffles whatdo you usually add to the walkingI like to put fruit butter sometimesduring other that’s I think that’sprobably fake it’s name is better yeahlet’s show sugar there’s no but I meanthere’s no room you can put granolabutter usually good but yeah if you havereal maple syrup that’s the best

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