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Video Transcription

good morning everyone let’s make wafflesI am going to make some brunch wafflestoday I yeah I woke up really late so sowe’re gonna do we’re going to make somewaffles okay so what we’re gonna do iswe’re actually gonna start with we’regonna start with making strawberrytopping it’s super super easy and I’mtrying to find a bowl pardon me while Istep away okay so we’re gonna make astrawberry topping I told you about thestrawberry topping in my jam video forthose involved me on instagram if youdon’t that’s okay so we’re gonna do arough chop a smaller chop on thestrawberries we have a garbage bowlwhich we should always have to throwthings away so we’re not tripping overtrash cans so we are starting with roughchop on strawberries to make thisstrawberry topping for the topping onour waffles you can do whatever toppingyou want I’m actually not even gonna eatthis it’s just gonna look fancy for youguys so you know something things the Ilike clean old waffles with butter andsyrup because that’s the only way to eathim sometimes with chocolate chipwaffles but it only tastes good atWaffle House and you judge me I loveWaffle House so we’re gonna start byrough chopping some strawberries andI’ve almost got enough cuz it’s just twoof us in the house so see I got somestrawberries we’re gonna take just alittle bit we’re gonna just go take alittle bit of sugar we set that righthere so you can see just a little bit ofsugar just to top it and we’re gonna letit rest in the refrigerator or coveredand that’s gonna create its own syruplet me give it a quick toss just so it’sevenly distributed okay so it’s gonnacreate it’s gonna soften thestrawberries and create its ownstrawberry syrup that we’re gonna put ontop of the wafflesmy fridge is completely packed right nowas I have so much I don’t know if y’allsaw my jam video the other day but youcan you can use the Jam alright let’sget startedso with these waffles to make them extrafluffy what we’re gonna do is we’regoing to move this out of the way firstand then we are going to crack some eggwhites into a bowl separate them fromthe yolks so if you don’t know how to dothis there’s different methods to do itI just do it old-school but some peoplewill crack the egg and then use a waterbottle to squeeze the yolk out and itworks my daughter does it sometimes sowe’re gonna do the old separating methodif you’re not very good at this you’remore than welcome to do it in twoseparate bowls and then dump it in justin case the yolk falls in but I’ve beendoing this long time so yolk into theother Bowl and then whites into thisbowl the reason we’re doing them a glassbowl is because in a glass bowl whenyou’re we’re gonna whip these egg whitesand in a glass bowl or a metal bowl asopposed to a plastic bowl they whipfaster because they’re cold you wantyour egg beaters to be cold when you’redoing this because it was so faststarting to rinse my hands okayharden rice super old used[Music]all right real quick lesson soft peakswhere you can lift it up and they’re notformula[Music]all right here we’re at median Peakswhere it’s kind of holding just a littlebit weird[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]all right hard peaksstiff peaks when they stand up juststraight like that you don’t want toover beat them you don’t want to underbeat them extra sensitive make surethere’s no debris or anything in thebowl so these are stiff peaks that’swhat we’re gonna use to lift and makethe waffles fluffy okay so now on to theingredients so we’ve got the two eggyolks and here let’s whip them it’s sofunny because when I was younger I usedto intervene know any better I used totry to hand meat egg yolks or egg whitesand I couldn’t never do I’d be beatingeggs for like 72 thousand years it wasexhausting exhausting okaysorry had to get my rubber spatulaalright so now we’re going to add in theingredients we want two cups of flourwhen you scoop flour don’t pack it justlightly get in there and do it and scoopit level it off this is baking baking isvery specific and precise you need exactmeasurements or things won’t do whatthey’re supposed to do of coursethat’s the science of baking all rightso we need 1 and 3/4 cup of milk so oneand then 3/4 I don’t have buttermilk andI don’t feel like making buttermilk soI’m not doing buttermilk waffles todaywe’re just doing waffles regular wafflesalright so then we’ve got 1/2 a cup ofvegetable oilall right half a cup into their into thegarbage pool okay we need one tablespoonof sugar but I I don’t feel like walkingback and forth again I you guys I’msorry so I know what one tablespoon ofsugar looks like because I’ve beenbaking for 33 yearsum okay and then four tablespoons ofbaking or teaspoons of baking powderokay I did walk away for that onebecause baking powder is the leaveningagent and you don’t want to put thewrong amount of baking powder in thereall right so four teaspoons one twothree and four baking powder I just usewhatever I can find normally I get mybaking greeting and said all thesebecause they’re cheaper and they’rereally good quality um if you don’t knowabout private labeling all these does alot of private labeling so they have alot of the same name brand products theyjust have a different label on themokay 1/4 a teaspoon of salt and thenhalf a teaspoon of vanilla you have tohave the vanilla because you got to haveflavor in here a half a teaspoon and twothere we go and now we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna mix it just until combinedwith things like waffles and pancakesand cornbread you don’t want to mix ittoo much because then it’ll create adense product ok we’re mixing until justcombined and don’t forget we still haveto mix it after we get the egg whites inbut what the egg whites you don’t wantto deflate them so you don’t want to mixtoo much in there there is a particularmethod for mixing anything with eggwhites and I will tell you a little bitabout that in just a second so whenyou’re bringing so there’s you’ll seethere’s clumps but not many it’s justcombined actually there are a lot ofcons so let me stir it a little bit butyou really just need it until it’s justcombined and then with the egg whitesyou want to fold a third of it in so itholds the weight of the egg whites andthen you put the rest in because thenthen it won’t deflate them so we’regonna do a third of these egg whiteswe’re gonna fold it in I will teach youguys folding method later on I’m notdoing an exact folding method becauseI’m holding one bowl with my hand andit’s not a good folding bowlto handle in the way but folding is notstirring you’re just lifting andflipping like lifting and flipping sothat you don’t deflate them they’re verysensitive and especially if you’re doingcakes like German chocolate cake youneed it to be fluffy or it’ll be realreal dense so you want to be gentle okayso we’re gonna fold in just gently foldthe rest of the egg whites in and guysthat’s it that’s it for the recipe onthe waffles the waffle iron is heatingright now and we will get the wafflesput out and I will scoop it into thewaffle iron in just a second but just soyou see what we’re working withyou see it’s lighter than it was beforewe’re folding it in don’t want toovermix don’t want to be aggressivewe’re gonna be gentle with these babiesall right guys see it’s kind of fluffyyou can see but it’s less less thickkind of a lighter lighter batter allright it’s time to make our waffles so Ihonestly am NOT a waffle pro I makedelicious waffles but I do overflow alot so okay with that so usually I useabout a scoop and a half sometimes itoverflows somehow was a dozen I don’tpay anything either way they’re gonnataste good so all right so I’m gonna dothis like scoop and a half and we’lljust see how much it lives I think Ineed just a little bit more but I see itout always and then they’re all closedout the sides I’m okay at that all rightdown we go okay you’ll see it steamingout the sides means it’s so working wewill wait and see what’s gonna happenokay guys so it’s about done it’ll bedone when it stops blowing from the topand let’s see what the othersso here we have our waffle and we’regoing to move this out of the wayso obviously butter of course let’s zoomin on it shall weokay butter obviously you need butter ona waffle I don’t know what kind ofperson lives without butter on a wafflethen we’re going to put syrup on itoh yeah I’ll get the strawberries injust a minute but just to show you whatwe’re working with here look at thatgolden brown waffle and it’s gonna becrispy when it kind of things a littlebit mmmbutter starting to melt perfectlyperfect let me grab my strawberries okayso I’ve got my strawberry I’m gonna putthem on top tip you want yourstrawberries to be sitting for you knowan hour to subdue your strawberries veryfirst thing in the morning if you’replanning on doing waffles and they’llcreate their own syrup right now they’vecreated a little bit of their syrup butnot as much as it will be if I let themsit longer but for our purposes and wewill just top them with Cherise and Idon’t have whipped cream but I couldmake it I’m just not making it right nowdo two cups of whipping cream a 1/2 acup of powdered sugar and then you don’thave your whipped cream there we gowafflesleave some comments if you have anyquestions I’m happy to help

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