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How to make fruits Compote for your crepes, waffles, blintzes & pancakes

Ingredients: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries ( 8oz) & 1tbsp sugar , 1tbsp vanilla extract, pinch of salt , I tbsp orange juice, 1 Tbsp of corn starch. 1 oz of water. On Low heat and blend it or leave it chunky.

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Video Transcription

hi everyone it’s me again Stephaniewelcome back to my youtube channel todaywe are going to make some compart sauceokay we’re gonna use strawberriesraspberries blueberries okay and now youcan use this sauce for your waffles yourpancake crepes blintzokay so we have about 8 ounces okayafter that we’re gonna go ahead andstart cooking it and add a little bit ofsugar cornstarch vanilla extra and alittle bit of water I can’t just tellwith me for the process so first we needa pot we’re gonna cook it we’re gonnaadd the sugar and let the sugar dissolvein it and you cannot make a sauce afterneed get into it if you want you canleave it like chunky or you can justblend it and the mixer alright this isthe vanilla extra look as you can seeit’s just steaming and boiling so I adda little bit of water this is theconstant about 1 tablespoons ok mistyReneeI told you you can leave it shrinky butme I’m gonna just make my sauce likethat and I’m gonna use it for my crepesokay you can use this for your preps andafter that you can add a little bit ofstrawberries on top thank you guys forsubscribe thank you for watching see younext time for

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