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Uncle Kurt and Flat Stanley make waffles.

Flat Stanley continues his quarantine in Las Vegas. We make waffles and a tote bag and brainstorm strategies on easing the dog’s recycling-based anxiety.

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Video Transcription

I have only it’s uncle Kurt I just wantto let you know what flat Stanley’s beenup to well I’ll show you this projectwe’ve been working on it’s it’s furtherthe kids museum he’s been helping me outwith it this is gonna be our tote bagit’s gonna be our conga tote or when wedo the conga line see and so this is thesock it going to be the side panel andyou stick instruments in it and thenthis is this is the other side the otherside panel here oh look at thatit was Flat Stanley yeah he’s been a bighelp on all this I used I did a placatedfelt applique on this and so the onething you gotta remember about felappliquebecause if you make a mistake you addmore felt applique so it’s essentiallylike glitter glue Oh Kurt I’m makingwaffles today so Flat Stanley is such ayes simian and Flat Stanley we’ve madewaffles this morning so I recorded someof that and just a little Flat Stanleyhere you see the the correspondence thatyou sent us I even saved the envelopesI guess I put that one sideways hereI’ll turn the camera there we gobecause I’m trying to get the pointacross the blueberry waffles are notwaffles with blueberries on himthey’re waffles with blueberry goop ontop of them that’s what makes someblueberry waffles because blueberriesstuck in your waffles what’s the pointlockdown will be over you’re gonna comevisit you’re gonna say hey did youforget how to make waffles and I’m gonnasay no I didn’t forget cuz me and FlatStanley made waffles together to stay atpractice and the dog the dogs we got allthe stuff in the house because all theconsulate recyclables that we take tothe museum and I can’t take them to themuseum lockdown so the cats really happyabout this but the dog just give me somefloor waffles huh get that kitty catthere you see he’s gonna care aboutwaffles I know that ain’t kitty cat foodI’m gonna go play with this box there hegoesand play with this box don’t you everplay with a box ladyboy so no I don’twant fit how are you try let’s see isour waffle ready open up the lidoh that looks ready all right there wegoI was just making a recording or myniece there we gocrispy yet fluffyI’m suffering baby there’s no room inthat box for you to scoop some goop ontopwhere’s my butterball where’s mybutterball see I made it with my melonballer my hands are pristineso Avonlea in case you’re wondering howto make a butterball I’m gonna show youwhat you do is you take your stick ofbutter and your melon baller and youstick your melon baller into your stickof butter and you just scoop out somebutter andthere you have it a butterball you cankind of moosh it around make it a littlemore ball one and then you can use youcan use the big end of your melon boxy Iuse the little end but you might need adeluxe size butterball so you just useyour big end the scoop scoop your butterand then you have a big fat melon ballwhich depending on who you talk to iseither a condiment for a side dish[Music]there you go thank youeat that okay ladybug stop wagging yourtail is it not your waffles

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