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Welcome back!

Come and make some waffles with me 🧇

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Video Transcription

[Music]going south which is gonna make it moreliquidy but it is fine we want a littlebit of oil and talk about you guysokay guys so I just hung up with mycousin if you’re wondering why I’mtalking like kind of loud and like youknow thinks my house is big so nobodycan really hear meit is Rios I’ve been right now at nightand I just noticed that the time-lapsedidn’t show me adding in the egg butthis is how it turned out it smellsactually really good I’m gonna decide ifI’m gonna wait waffles or pancakes or ifI’m even gonna make them because I don’tknow I’ll get back to you guys okay soit’s about 3:30 and I decided to me somewafflesI barely had any cake better okay betterwaffle pancake better left these are howthey turned outI used a pretty old waffle maker so Idon’t know how it’s gonna turn out butyeah on camera the bag that lookedreally small but then I kind of addedsome more ingredients to it to make itbigger so I’m gonna give my real reviewit kind of looks pecs I didn’t reallyknow how to use it off maker because Ihaven’t used so I’m gonna give my reviewon it okay guys so I video cut off cuzmy cousin call me and the waffles wereactually really really goodI recommend this recipe and I thinkthey’ll be all for this video I will seeyou guys in the next video if you’re newyou should subscribe because my channelis about to be lit with all thesequarantine videos and like this video ifyou like this video and dislike if youdon’t like it so I can see how toimprove my channel more I’ll see youguys next time

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