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How to Make Classic Homemade Pasta 4 ways

If you’ve ever wanted to make fresh pasta at home, then you’ve come to right place. Consider this a basic homemade pasta guide. I’ll be going over an multipurpose pasta dough, 4 different shapes of pasta, and 4 different kinds of pasta sauces to go with each pasta. You’ve got tagliatelle/fettuccine, garganelli, tortellini, and the classic spaghetti. Long story short, you got choices. I Hope you guys give it a shot to see how incredibly fun pasta making is!

My pasta roller: https://amzn.to/2y2GJVA (below is a more affordable choice, if this one is out of budget)

Here is a more affordable pasta roller that I also trust: https://amzn.to/2InLMVn

My Old Carbonara Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os6k27gjbq4

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Ingredients you’ll need:

Pasta dough-
3 cups (480g) 00 type flour or all purpose flour
5 large whole eggs
1/2 teaspoon (2g) fine sea salt
1 teaspoon (5g) extra virgin olive oil

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Video Transcription

look you don’t need to be an expert tomake pasta by hand all you need is floureggs and a slight addiction the cars[Music]making pasta by hand is one of the mostfun and most rewarding cookingexperiences of all time in my honestopinion plus you probably already havethe ingredients at home pasta to me issuch a great symbol for what Italianfood really is all of the classicItalian recipes are so incredibly simpleyet all the flavors work so harmoniouslyand perfectly and more importantly it’sabout the freshness and the quality ofthe ingredients over the amount ofingredients that’s what I love aboutItalian food beauty and simplicityoh and I almost forgot in case youdidn’t already see with your eyes I’m ina new kitchen welcome to the new humbleabode let’s make some mother pasta nowfirst thing I’m gonna show you is what Ilike to call an all-purpose pasta doughthis pasta dough can be made into manymany shapes ravioli garganellifettuccine you name it and I’m gonnashow you four different shapes with fourdifferent sauces first things first iswe’re gonna make that all-purpose pastadough and that starts with three cups or480 grams of double zero type flour nowif you can’t find that then you cantotally use an all-purpose flour if youpreferI just prefer double zero now the firstthing you’re gonna do is you’re gonnadump that flour out onto a flat surfaceinto sort of like a mound shape sprinkleon a half a teaspoon or two grams offine sea salt using your hand shape likea claw make a well into that mound offlour large enough to hold around fiveeggs then crack five large whole eggsinto the well of that flour drizzle in ateaspoon or 5 grams of extra virginolive oilusing a fork start gently whisking theeggs until they come together cohesivelynow once the eggs have come togetheryou’re gonna keep whisking but as you’rewhisking slowly flicking a little bit offlour on the sides being careful not tomake a hole or a dent in a whileotherwise all your eggs will run out sojust be careful and as you do thatyou’ll notice that it slowly becomes apaste and then it starts to clumptogether and then it starts to become adough and once it becomes a dough thenyou’re gonna start using your hands soyou can take the fork out and then startmixing it and sort of squeezing ittogether with your hands once it’scompletely sort of combined then you’regonna begin kneading it and you’re gonnaknead this dough anywhere from five toten minutes until it is beautifullysilky smooth now if for some reason yourdough is a little too dry you can add atablespoon of water at a timeuntil it comes together now look howsilky smooth that dough is once yourdough is nice and kneaded you’re gonnago ahead and wrap it in plastic wrapmake sure that it’s airtight you do notwant this to dry out and let it sit outat room temperature for at least an houror overnight in the fridge and that’s itthat is your all-purpose pasta dough nowthe first shape that we’re gonna make isgoing to be fettuccine aka tagliatelleit’s really regional I mean there’s notmuch of a difference some people saythat one is thinner than the other butit really just depends on the regionthat you get it from to start this pastaas with any pasta you’re gonna lightlydust your dough with flour and thendivide it into four equal pieces thenyou’re gonna roll that dough out untilit’s about a quarter of an inch ovalobviously you’re gonna need a pastaroller here if you don’t have one thenI’ll put a link in the description ifyou want to go get one now pass itthrough your pasta roller on the widestsetting then fold it like a letter andpass it through the roller once morewithout folding it again begin passingthe dough working down each thinnesssetting one setting at a time ideally nomore than once per setting until youreach the thinnest or second finishsetting that you can on your pastaroller obviously dusting with flour asneeded so you know your dough doesn’tstick because that would really suck nowthis part is much easier than it looksjust handle the dough gently and let itdrape over your hands rather thanholding it with your fingertips now thisrolling technique is gonna apply to allof the following pasta shapes that I’mgonna show you now to make thefettuccine / tagliatelle you’re gonnacut that long sheet of dough intosegments in the desired length of yournoodle that equated to four equallysized segments of dough sheets for menow there’s two ways to make the noodlesfor the fettuccine / tagliatelle you caneither use a machines attachment but ifyou don’t have the attachment for themachine you can simply take a sheet androll it up lengthwise until you sort ofget a tube think of it as a savory pastaversion of a fruit roll-up then using asharp knife sort of saw a way to cut 1/2inch segments of that tube those will beyour individual noodles now that’s howyou do with a knife just make sure thatyou don’t press the knife down otherwiseyou’re just gonna pinch the doughtogether you want these to be noodles somake sure that you’re slicing it if youneed to saw it it saw it up but saw itat widthtolkien and boom noodles without thetagliatelle attachment look at thatonce you enrolled these noodles makesure to toss them with a generous amountof flour to make sure that they don’tstick together now the attachment partis pretty straightforward just make surethat your pasta sheet is very generouslydusted with flour otherwise it willstick in the attachment and just run itthrough the fettuccine attachment andboom you got fettuccine comes out theother end just like that and asmentioned before make sure to tossgenerously with flour now to make thesauce for the tagliatelle / fettuccinewe’re gonna make it pork raguall you need to do is finely diced onestalk of celerytwo carrots and one medium-sized yellowonion then you’re gonna take a one and ahalf pound boneless pull the putboneless pork shoulder and cut it into1-inch chunks heat up a large heavybottom pot over medium-high heat withtwo tablespoons of olive oil season yourpork with salt and pepper and sear onboth sides for two to three minutes oneach side to get them nicely caramelizedand make sure to sear them in one evenlayer no overcrowding the pan otherwiseyou’re just not gonna get that nice searnow I say that when I rot eclis havethis pan a little overcrowded so try todo this in batches unlike I did that waskind of in a rushonce they’re done transfer all the meatinto a medium-sized bowl now thereshould be some remaining oil in thebottom if you need to add a little moreyou can turn the heat to medium heat andadd all of your finely diced vegetablesbegin to turn translucent then to thatpan you’re gonna add 3 tablespoons or 55grams of tomato paste give it a stir andsaute until the tomato paste begins tocaramelize a little bit deglaze with ahalf a cup or 120 milliliters of redwine bring it to a boil and let it boilfor about 20 to 25 seconds then add 2cups our 480 milliliters of chickenstock give it a quick stir season itlightly with salt bring it up to a boilreduced to a simmer and then add yourmeat back to the pan along with thisjuices cover it with a tight-fitting lidplace it in the oven at 300 degreesFahrenheit for about an hour or untilthe meat is super tender and that’s itthat’s the sauce next up is spaghettiwe’ll be doing this with a carbonarasauce so I’ll show you the sauce towardsthe end of this videobut you’re basically gonna do the exactsame thing as the fettuccine you’regonna roll it out into a thin sheet cutit into segments of the desired noodlelength and this one unfortunately as faras I know is best done through aspaghetti attachment if you don’t haveone you could do it with a knife but Igave it a shot and it really looks waybetter with an attachment so you knowit’s our now pasta number three isgarganelli know it sounds weird butbasically it’s kind of like penne butwith ridges now using the exact sameshading technique as before take one ofyour four segments of sheeted pastadough and cut them into two inch by twoinch squaresnow using a new keyboard or some sort ofobject with ridges you know placessquare diagonally on the surface of thatobject or in this case a gnocchi boardand using a chopstick sort of as you’reforming shell you’re gonna roll thatsquare of pasta dough around the entirechopstick working from one point to theother point until it sticks on the otherend make sure you’re using enoughpressure that it’s actually sticking andgiving the garganelli its ridges andyou’re gonna repeat that process withall your little squares of pasta doughit seems like a lot but you’ll get a lotfaster as you move along and it’ll go bypretty quickly now for the garganellipasta sauce this one is much easier thanthe last one so you’re gonna start withone 28-ounce can of peeled san marzanotomatoes go ahead and put those througha mesh strainer and just let them drainfor a little bit to get that excessjuice out we only want the wholetomatoes in there add those tomatoes toa food processor and puree until smoothsaute four ounces of pancetta with onetablespoon of olive oil and just kind ofsaute that until the pancetta justbegins to brown a little bit and hasrendered the majority of its own fatonce that’s done add one red onionthat’s been small diced to that pan andsaute that until they begin to softenand turn translucent then add yourpureed tomatoes season with salt andpepper to taste bring it up to a simmerand simmer it for about eight to tenminutes or until those flavors meldtogether and that’s it that’s your saucefor garganelli pancetta red onion tomatosauce oh and do make sure to stir it onoccasion while that’s simmeringotherwise it will burn on the bottom andyou’ll be very sad now on to our lastpasta which is tortellini same exactpasta sheet is before but instead ofdividing it into four segments are gonnaleave it as one single sheet and using atwo and three-quarter inch biscuitcutter you’re going to cut littlecircles out of that pastajust like if it was a cookie basicallyyou can use cookie cutters you can use abiscuit cutter whatever you can find tomake a little circle now once you haveall of your said little circlesyou’re gonna take little pea-sizedamount so you don’t wanna put too muchyou want to over stuff these tortelliniyou may have to practice and get itright you’re gonna take little piece orteaspoons sized dollops of this ricottamixture which I’ll put down below in thedescription it’s literally just likericotta parmesan chopped parsley mixtogether in a bowl so the ingredientsfor that will be in the description onceyou have that done you’re gonna gentlypick up one of the circles of your doughwith your filling in it and you’re gonnacarefully fold it over kind of likebasically like a taco and pinch andcrimp the edges shut with your fingersonce you have your tortellini tacoyou’re gonna take the edges with the twopoints on them bring them together andthen pinch those together so you’rebasically folding the taco the other wayin half again and pinching the two edgestogether and then you have a tortellinijust repeat that process with all eachof the individual circles and thenyou’ve got tortellinis dude so the saucefor the tortellinis is the easiest ofall four sauces so you’re gonna startwith one packed cup of fresh basilleaves a quarter cup of walnuts or pinenuts I actually didn’t have any pinenuts on hand so you know walnuts with achoice two cloves of fresh peeled garlicplace that all in a food processor andblend until that begins to form a pasteadd a half cup of freshly gratedparmigiano-reggiano blend once more tofully paste if I and then while blendingslowly stream in half a cup of extravirgin olive oil then season with saltto taste and that’s it you’ve got yourpesto ready to go now for the assemblyof the pastas and the sauces so for thefettuccine / tagliatelle whichever youwant to call it whenever you make itdepending on how much you make you’regonna add you’re gonna want that sauceto be hot when you add the pasta to itobvious so I’m heating up a little bitof that pork ragu here for a singleserving portion of pasta I’ve got a potof boiling water behind me and you’rebasically just gonna want to boil thesenoodles from literally 30 seconds to oneor two minutes fresh pasta cooks veryvery quickly make sure that you’retasting it intermittently to decide howdone you want it to be so now that myragu sauce is nice and hot I’m gonna goahead and add my Tagget le which hasbeen cooked obviously to the pot andtoss it thoroughly to coat evenly withthe sauce be sure to check the saltlevels there and adjustseasoning if necessary and just plate itup dude serve that with some freshlygrated parmigiano Reggiano and you’regood to go now for the garganelli you’regonna heat up that red onion andpancetta tomato sauce and get that niceand hot put in your cooked pasta alittle bit of the pasta water add alittle knob of butter and then just stirand toss to combine to get that butterto emulsify season it with salt to tasteand boom garganelli red onion andpancetta tomato sauce done thetortellini are pretty straightforwardliterally just toss them with as muchpesto or as little pesto as you wantseason with salt to taste that’s it nowas for the spaghetti carbonara I willhave a link to my carbonara recipe andyou can literally just use thisspaghetti in that recipe I just to behonest I just didn’t want to explain itagain I’m just gonna be completelyhonest with you guys I just didn’t wantto explain it again I got one two threefour types of pasta I’m sorry and thatis it guys pasta homemade four kinds ofsauces four shapes of pasta so if youenjoyed it or you learn something leavea like subscribe and I will see you nextweek and I obviously forgot to recordthis portion[Music]

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  2. Making the flour pile and the well for the egg is authentic Italian. However you can do it in a good processor like Bobby Flay. BTW to make it authentic Italian you need to have a picture of the pope on the wall behind you.

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  5. Found this channel two nights ago and have binged watched ever since. Ugh is there anything you can’t do with flour and water??

  6. As a chef myself, I really enjoy your content. No filler and straight to the point. Keep up the good work!

  7. Dawg.. the SCARIEST THING I’ve ever been through ever, I didn’t make the well big enough and I started beating the eggs and the eggs SHOOT out of the side and that was like 2 minutes after I promised my family I wouldn’t make a mess, but I’m not finished. I somehow blocked the eggs from running off of the table and I mixed with my hands as good as I could. Then I put the dough in a blender and we were FINEEEEEE

  8. Why don’t you have a million subs already? BTW I tried your croissant recipe and can proudly say it’s the best ever.

  9. I got a pasta machine for my birthday and decided to make some spaghetti carbonara for my family the next evening. Well, I didn’t use enough flour and I overcooked the spaghetti and instead of carbonara we had a mushy egg-bacon-cheese soup with giant clumps of chewy dough and some noodles which fall apart when you try to roll them with your fork. I tried again after I watched this video and my family are impressed.

  10. Thanks to Quarantine I’m trying to make all the dishes I never managed to do during my day to day live. Yesterday I toyed to make 3 „ new experiments“ one the same day. Doesn’t went so well but I’ve learned a lot.

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