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COOK WITH ME : Waffles, Sausages & smoothie

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my youtubechannel if you are new to my channel myname is spicy now when I do my channelsI do vlogs I do my bangs I do storytimes I’m trying to get some pranks upin here real soon and today I am goingto be so I’m not making anything todaybut I’m just making some waffles I’mmaking some turkey sausages and I’mgonna make myself a smoothie being saidlet’s get right into it so I just gotback from going to the grocery store noteven a grocery store I went to Walgreensand I have bought Aunt Jemima AuntJemima Aunt Jemima ain’t your daddybuttermilk pancake and waffle mix sothis is what I bought and then you knowof course I got the Aunt Jemima syrupokay so that’s what I’m gonna be usingto make my waffles today then for thesausages I will be using this it isturkey sausages and this is actually myfirst time trying this always today andso like I said I was gonna be making asmoothie as well because I’m not justgonna be eating waffles and sausages Iwant a smoothie so I am going to beusing this to make my smoothie this isjust frozen berries all different typeof berries and I’m also going to beusing almond milk you’re a real nicegirl and I like you a lot but for rightnowshut up what’s better than almond milk Idon’t knowcashew milk I don’t know I don’t drinkthat though and then of course you liketo get this out one Greek yogurt okay sothis is the one that I usually use Ijust get the vanilla one and it worksperfectly fine okay so as you can see Igot my blender setup[Music][Music][Music][Music]my drink oh my god I actually haven’thad a smoothie in so long hmm I need tobuy some straws but this is my drink youforgot so I have my stove set at lowmedium because I’m gonna let thesesausages like really slow[Music]so it’s like tripping on its own that’skind of how you want but you don’t wantit to be like so watery that was perfectactually boom I did a good jobusually I mix it then I’d be like ohshoot I gotta add more or oh it’s toowatery I gotta add more powder but thismix is perfectthis is goals goals this is definitelygoesthat is good won’t hurt to drink somewater oh yeah and my turkey art is stillcooking in the back they’re nowhere neartimeso yeah now I just have to wait and Ifeel like this can make one more yeahthis time our sausages are lookingmy sausages my waffle[Applause][Music][Music]my final results my waffles look good mysausages Bart no I’m just kidding theylook perfect and um yeah my yummy yummyyummy smoothie berry smoothie and thisis my breakfast do you like my cookingvideos make sure you comment down belowand tell me what else do you want me todo and yeah I’ll do them for you guysmake sure that you subscribe to mychannel like my videos leave anycomments down below and I willdefinitely get back to you guys thankyou for watching my cooking video and Iwill see you guys next time bye

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