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Let the Eat Pie – would would Marie Do

Marie Antoinette actually said “let them eat pie!” So let’s bake an easy apple pie. #baking #food #marieantoinette #humor #corona

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Video Transcription

hi this is leslie zemeckis again cookingdrew Karuna for shelter box the lasttime we met with contagion cupcakes thistime I was thinking what would Yuri sayshe would say let the meat pie so I’mgonna show you a really simple deliciouspie recipe so the first thing you wantto do is either buy a crustif you can just fine or make it we’llput the recipe on it’s basically two anda half cups of flour teaspoon of salt acup of chilled cut butter some ice wateryou rolled it out I like to use asilicon pad and marble rolling pan whichI also keep in the freezer helped keepit from sticking and I flour everythingcontinually so I’ve already made mycrush so you wouldn’t have to do allthat and I like to use a really deep piepan pie crust once these things pie soyou might want to half the recipe up soI did want to have ingredients just tofill it so now what we’re gonna do iscut up some apples here and I’m gonnaadd some Paris for this to make it allparent you can make it all Apple you canmake a both I happen to have some pearsthat needed to be cut and you don’t evenneed to peel these if they’re notorganic mine are you might want to peelthe skins but you don’t need to generateabout six fruit six apples three applesrepairs over you wanna combine it youhear my birds last timeshowed you an insert of the birth so Ijust didn’t handle it as soon aspossible symbols like thisno thank you Roja is one big bowltogether I know you might be absent whydo I happen to have a Marie Antoinetteoutside on handokay so your apples in your pairs you’regoing to add two tablespoons of freshlemon juice maybe a little more humbleseat good back the other thing is abrown sugar actually I’m out of brownsugar so I’m going to use coconut sugaryou can use regular sugar it doesn’treally matter and this is actually threetablespoons of flourand butter I’m just gonna cut cube alittle and row it all together throw itin my pie crust bacon and everybody’sgonna be so happy we’ll be eating itnext all of us gently and if it seems alittle too dry you can add a little morelemon juice but that should be good justmix naturally all together I’m gonna mixin apple and the free to go under thealcohol the pair together we have a biteof this hair these are cut up reallythick and thinI like hi it’s gonna cook down solooking at it I think I could probablysqueeze in another Apple so I will I’mready I’ll just mix it up to the rest ofthe remains of flour and my oven hasbeen preheating the 425 all this time soit should be ready to pop in we’re gonnacook it for 30 minutes of that so we’regoing to reduce it to 350 and cook itfor another 25 30 depending again and Ihate my oven so I have to just check onconstantly they’re very veryinconsistentnow I’m gonna so it’s great so I’m gonnaadd a little butter on top of all thisbefore it’s red I’m gonna add a littlemore butterbreak up a little okay and it’s ready togo in of it there it’s it’s lookinglovely Leslie’s famous pie so there wehave it one easy to bake delicious pearapple pie now again I used lemon juicebut you could also cook it with lime youcould cook it with balsamic you couldadd cheese to it afterwards play havefun don’t forget the ice creamlet them eat pie

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