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I tested TASTY’S most CURSED RECIPE the 4-Layer Leftover Pie

In my opinion this is the most outrageous, weird, straight up cursed recipe TASTY has come up with yet. The 4-Layer Leap day pie. Featuring OREO’s and pasta bake in the same dish. No words. I hope you like it and don’t forget to subscribe, thanks!

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Video Transcription

this is the most cursed video that I’veever seen not only from BuzzFeed ortasty but just in general I’m gonna playit but just brace yourselves so here’s avideoy’okay doesn’t start that bad I mean achoice presentation but it’s like it’snot that bad yet what even is thatno little in no explanation I think thisis supposed to be cookie dough who gavethese people the platform to make thisaisle so what people say about my videosNords speechless you’re brushing garlicafter you put Oreos in it and somehow itholds together like how I that’s themost insane thing I’ve ever seen ifyou’re new here on my channel we callthese cursed recipes because I genuinelybelieve that if you make one of theseyou’re gonna need a priest or somethinglike this is cursed it’s 4 a.m. I’ve gotnothing better to do so let’s just let’sjust give it a try grab a drink grabsomething to eat this is the moment whenI realize I’ve made a huge mistakebecause basically I went on tasty calmwhich is I guess the BuzzFeed website Idon’t think you guys fully understandhow big this recipe is on this side thisis the ingredients for the recipe rightand this is the preparation no stillgoing most of the comments sayincredible really really good what arethe common says tasty come on I havebeen watching your videos for a longtime and I enjoy most of them pleasedon’t leave the comments criticizing youjust leave them and try to improve Idon’t know you’ve always asked me whythe comments on my videos are so meanthis is the truth and it’s sad but it’sbecause I don’ta lot of people I’m not saying thatthey’ve done that they probably didn’tbut a lot of people that lead Twittersizing comments I don’t care so I thinkthe first thing that we need is somepizza dough I went on Google and I typed15-minute pizza dough and well this islooking not like pizza dough if you’refollowing the recipe from their websiteit’s gonna be a lot easier becauseyou’re probably gonna be using somepre-made pizza dough but basically Idon’t have a lot of food at home at themoment so we gotta make things fromscratch it more than ever so we’re gonnaswitch this on you might just need somewater while I’m doing it let’s try thatokay I think that’s gonna work nowthat actually doesn’t look too bad Imean we might need to like me there’s alittle bit it’s good enough for me soI’m gonna talk to take the parchmentpaper because I don’t even know howother people do it this recipes alreadygone like 24 steps now imagine with mythree brain cells so he would read thedough I mean it looks pretty goodconsidering this took 15 minutes I addeda little bit more water than he askedfor the recipe a little bit more salt aswell because so we need to bake twopizzas there are gonna be some of thelayers in between so this is gonna bethe ten that I’m gonna be using I don’thave anything to roll this wood so I’mjust gonna use this salt why iseverything so difficult doesn’t need tobe that big because our 10 is so tiny Ineed to do this to two of them so whilethe pizza is cooking for 15 minutes onthe next step it’s to make the garlicoil this is my last olive oil this is 1tablespoon of olive oil so we need atotal of four I’m trying to pour itreally slow it lasts longer so this isfour tablespoons of olive oil and thenit’s a bunch of seasoning one of themsays Italian seasoning like what is itHalim seasoning this is roast chickenseasoning whatever it’s gonna be finethen he also say some garliche doesn’t say there has to be freshfresh minced parsley I’m just gonna usesome dried parsley cuz I don’t have thefresh stuff I’m gonna do a little bit oforegano because we didn’t have theItalian seasoning and also Bassel thenhe also say some red pepper flakes butI’ve got cayenne pepper so I’m justgonna add a little bit cuz this stuffit’s powerful so I think this isofficially our garlic oil doesn’t have alot of garlic it’s a lot more otherspices but wow I look so good I wouldhonestly eat this a spoonful of thisbake the pizza for 15 minutes let mecheck in the pizza so now we’re gonnamake the base of the pie which is madeof garlic knots so I’m gonna use theremaining pizza dough that we’ve madewe’re gonna toss this in the oil thatmakes sense okay so this is the pizzadough that we made so he basically saysthat we need to make a total off 24 nothow do you do a not like wait is this itI think we’ve done what they wantedright let’s be a little little garlic nowe only need 24 of these okay Googlestop hey the pizza’s readyand this is the pizza cross they’re alsokind of ready it doesn’t look a lot likepizza for a fifteen-minute doll honestlyit could look a lot worse I mean we’reonly on the step like a number three buteverything is going smoothlywe need to grease these are also where Isay to my feet at the end of the day I’mabout to give you the most beautifulshot of all time it smells so nice andalso why does that look like sosatisfying so we’re gonna toss them ohmy god oh my god I literally got goosebumps fifteen minute pizza is like kindof it so now we need to make the pastabake the next layer is the pasta bakethis is my leftover pasta from this weekso these are all the ingredients thatare gonna go in the pasta bake one ofthem is 10 slices of pepperoni actuallywant to use five because we’re onlydoing half this is no pepperoni by theway this is turkey salami they werepretty thinly sliced already so this islike looking a little bit like we’rejust gonna throw that the pasta Wow youcan watch these on the Gordon RamsayYouTube channel for sure so the nextingredient is one egg the recipeactually asks for ricotta cheese butI’ve only got master Tony so this issome mascarpone cheese been in thefridge for a few days one cup ofmarinara sauce it’s probably about onecup also everything in this video isleftover that’s the reason why we’refilming it then we need 1 cup ofParmesan cheese and surprisingly we’renot using leftovers for this one andlast but not least some mozzarellacheese so this is officially theingredients on our pasta bake this oldthe sounds that this makes it’s reallyweird you wanna hear it let me give youlet me give you an example why do iweirdly like that I had like kind oflike ASMR I personally I like it mixuntil it’s well incorporated and thenwe’re gonna make this sprinkle of cookiedough wow so the last layer that we madewas past tipping the second layer iscookie dough cookie dough sprinkles tobe precise this is supposed to be madewe just pre-made cookie dough they buyfrom the supermarket but couldn’t getthere so the only thing I found in myhouse is this graham cracker crumb sopeople use this to make the base of likecheesecakes and stuff it’s kind ofbiscuit ignore cookie like so I’m gonnamake it according to the box which isthis sugar and melted butter so we’vegot 1/3 of a cup of melted butter sothis is sugar surprisingly not a wholelot I feel like there’s like three orfour recipes in there’s likeindividually some of the layers sounddelicious like that pasta bake I want toactually eat it nowpasta baked into cookie dough sprinklecould be that we love that but I don’tsee it coming so this is half a cup sowe need mmm that’s literally the bestsmell in the whole world like they madeperfume one of this whoever is Keeblerthat’s gonna be me at Sephora soon I’mgonna add the sprinkles already I boughtthese in America and I’ve been waitingfor like a reason to use this I meansaving this religiouslythese are birthday cake sprinkles I wasgonna save them for my birthday butmight not even make it there so I’mgonna add some now and I’m gonna addsome world later if it snowing off oh mygod that looks so cool we’re gonna mixthis in this is attachment won’t doanything we roll it up step 8 so I don’teven want to think about this is theregular attachment I’m assuming this isthe right one but someone in thecomments will let me know why it’s notlet’s see if I’ve got milkwhat about cream okay I’m gonna addcream and see if this works okay this isdefinitely not it is really crumblymaybe it’s because I’m colorblind but Ireally can’t see the color that Karinalooks like what they had on the video ifwe press it and it’s gonna be likecrunch at least I don’t know I’m gonnaadd some more of the rainbows friend ohbecause I literally can’t see it as soonas I mix this is just gonna blend in sothere’s no point to adding them if wepress it together we can definitelycreate like a cookie layer out of thislet’s clean up the whole thing for thesixth time today I don’t know how but sofar this has basically been justpreparation because the video isactually that we watch is actually justthis next step which is putting allthese million elements that we’vecreated together step number nineassemble the pie grease the Dutch ovenby the way I’ve never followed a recipewith two digits in the steps beforewe’re gonna start with the my favoritething that we’ve made which is thegarlic knotsso we’re basically gonna place them inthe bottom that’s not gonna be enough tocover the whole thing and the least thisis so grease in olive oil that it’sdefinitely not gonna stick which shouldI give you guys a close-up you little wecan’t see what’s going on hereI think we’ve barely got enough to coverthe whole thing all that extra flavorokay that actually looks pretty nowlooks like the best dumplings ever thespiciest dumplings ever the biggestchallenge of this recipe is gonna be toclean this up okayso the next step is modes around thecheese so this is insane the whole thingso these are the two pre-made pizzadoors that I had at home and I wasbasically saving this because I knewwe’d need it for the presentation thisis definitely expired and I’m not gonnacheck because my Goods gonna blow uplook at this so this is our pizza so I’mjust gonna try to do what they’ve donewhich is kind of literally that so wedid a nice little crust all around wherethe handles are on the sides theybasically do it like kind of likeI’m really trying not to put too much -oh but they did so much if you guys goand watch the video back from the insideit is a horrifying look the next layeron here is a spinach artichoke dip whichI don’t have this is like very much likean American thing we are basicallymaking our own spinach dip because Icouldn’t find that the supermarket so Iused some Mayo let me put a little bitmoreI’ve never made a dip before but I’massuming Parmesan cheese would would gonice in a dip a little bit of vinegar Iguess just to like cut through all thefat right keppard some salt as wellwe’re gonna do a lot of garlic that’sfor sure cuz this will make whateverthis is gonna be taste nice all thisstuff because I don’t actually haveartichoke so it’s not gonna be the exactsame flavor but I do have spinach thisis like leftover spinach so I’m gonnaadd spinach to it and hopefully it’sgreen I think it’s gonna look reallysimilar to the video there’s nothing wecan do now so we’re gonna just blendthis it is definitely great honestly itsmells really good like it really doesit is a little bit runny but I mean sowe’re gonna do just a little bit so thenext ingredient is this this is thepizza base that we made which is kind ofdry so I’m thinking of adding maybe alittle bit more of the dip because maybewe’ll soak top this actually makes sensewow there is science behind this recipeguysoh my god that is like one of the bestthings I’ve ever seen in my life that’sso satisfying I’ve done that this isdefinitely kind of gross but the nextstep is to add our pasta bake this isfilling up really quickly that I’m likegetting kind of worried because we stillgot a lot of layers to do but this isthe only part actually does have like araw egg in it so I would be lying if Isaid I’ve no concerned so the next stepis to add the pepperoni but we don’thave for thoroughness so I’m just gonnaadd the same salami slices they were usefor the bay Wow somehow I’m killing thisI don’t know how it’s possible but it’sit’s literallyexactly like he does in the video I havea feeling this one is not gonna fit ohno that’s actually perfect so the nextstep is we’re gonna close the pie sowe’re gonna we’re gonna basically bringall that pizza dough and this looksexactly like it does in the video I wishI was making this out but the next stepis a layer of cookie dough and that’sbasically one of the last steps wereally did this the whole thing so I’mgonna try to press this make it lookmore like cookie dough I mean it is acrust I keep on waiting for something togo wrong in this rested people like it’snot this doesn’t come out of here I’llbe so disappointedguys this literally looks perfect theonly appropriate way to end this insameness is with a layer of Oreo cookiesso I don’t actually have the regularaureus which is what they’ve used in thevideo but I’ve got this special editionchocolate peanut butter ones I wassaving this for a special occasion to methat’s looking like a special occasionso because these are not black I’mafraid that they might burn a little bitbut I mean it’s just gonna it’s gonna bethe bottom I think yes I don’t know thisis supposed to bake for almost an hourlike this is gonna burn like the wholetop is gonna be black it is what it isso okay let me try to make this lookpretty even though this is gonna be thebottom they smell so goodthese are peanut butter chocolate pie ohmy god why does it look perfect I don’tI don’t understand I’m so confusedit’s literally the perfect height likeso perfectly smooth we’ve done that soI’m gonna bake this for 45 to 50 minutesthat is a long time I mean by the timethis is over like the Sun the Sun willrise you don’t want to miss this that’spreferred okay good all stopso the timer is just going off it’s beenalmost an hour of cookingit smells slightly burned it also smellslike a roast and piesame time except we only have one dishin there I put some foil paper on tophalfway through I realize that this isgonna burn it always looks artificialthe burner on the side it looks likespray painted or somethingI wonder if it makes a difference if werun a knife on the sides oh my god Ithink that’s gonna come right out thisis the moment of truth hours and hoursof work for this moment it looks like apanettone right I need to show you thattop he’s beautiful like he literallycame off like perfectly like this is thebottom of the pan you can barely see themarks according to the video we need tolet this cool down do they say like anhour or something because probably itfalls apart if you cut right into it sowe’re going to let it cool down just alittle bit why do I want it so badlyI don’t know so here we are back withour I think they call it of oral layupis a good look of this but basicallyit’s cooled down quite a bit because Iput it in the freezer for a little whileI think I might transfer it to here andwe’re gonna slice it and I hope heslices the same that’s mine it’s mineit’s mine just gonna slice into it Imean at this point this is insane in somany ways smells so weirdokay so obviously the cookies in thebottom didn’t work out quite exactly theway we wanted but it’s fine because aslong as we still got the layers on theinsideit’s DC Ola cheese strings it’s meltingon the inside look it’s still like wetlook at the thickness on that pizza butthis is probably one of the mostaccurate recipes we’ve ever done thatactually looks really similar to thevideo like really really similar there’slike cheese strings on the inside it’sall i QE on the video they ate like agarlic knot on its own before slicing soI mean it doesn’t work my garlic knotsare gonna be really doughy but that’sthat’s because I made the dough in 15minutes the flavor is that the flavorthat that has slightly dog on the insidebut super crispy on the outside so theonly thing that I don’t know if it’sgonna work is all those layers I meanI’m just gonna try it all togetherbecauseand I have no idea how this isphysically chemically in anyway how isthis possible but altogether it justtastes like it’s something like its ownflavor and it’s honestly good it’s sweetand savory but not in a gross way andthere’s one flavor in here that is thestronger out of everything which kind oflike let me just make surekeeping it 100% realI know this sounds like a joke they’relike how do all of these ingredientstaste good together but it does like Iwas saying there is one flavor that isreally overpowering and it is the garlicknots like that garlic oil that we madeit’s really you can basically taste thatthroughout the whole thing this was alot of work my nose is like Ronnie I I’mgonna go to bed and rush I hope you guysenjoyed this video if you did it wouldmean the world to me if you couldsubscribe to my youtube channel all youhave to do is scroll down it sayssubscribe I think it’s a red button ifyou tap the notification Bell everysingle time that I put up a video ifYouTube thinks and you might like itthey will send you a notification and ofcourse if you want to wash apart to keepin the video like it is the easiest wayto let me know they want to watch yourpart too because otherwise there are somany videos that I just I say this isgonna be the best series ever and thenif I don’t see a lot of like supportfrom you guysI usually just assume that the videosucked which it does a lot of timesanyways I’m gonna go to sleep and I loveyou guys and I will see you on my nextvideo which is most likely going to bein one or two days

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