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Making Key Lime Pie! (Quarantine Cooking With Alix) | Alix Traeger

MAJOR KEY (Lime Pie)
Hope you’re all safe at home! Sending all my love.

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Alex welcome back to mykitchen welcome to another videoquarantined cooking round three four Idon’t even know at this point so todayis a very special day it’s one of mybest friend’s Sidney’s birthday happybirthday Sydney unfortunately we’re allstill quarantined so we can’t celebratetogether but I thought the least I coulddo was make her one of her favoritetreats so I thought I’d share the recipewith you guys my best friend Sydney hasfive top favorite foods bread buttercorn potatoes and pie I guess I couldhave made any one of those things buttoday I’m gonna be making a key lime pieone of her favorites I happen to lovekey lime pie too and it’s perfectbecause right now is spring easter iscoming up this is a perfect dessert tomake for your Easter celebration well Iguess Easter celebration is cancelledthis year but that doesn’t mean your keylime pie has to be you so I’m gonnastart by juicing our key limes now keylimes are a lot smaller than regularlimes so you’re gonna need a lot of themto be honest I don’t know if I haveenough but we’ll see I guess I’m doingthis first because I just want to get itout of the way it’s gonna take some timeit’s gonna take some arm muscles butlook how cute and tiny these key limesare it says key limes floral petite andslightly sweet just like meso before I start juicing I’m just gonnatake a couple of the limes and zest themI’m gonna be using this as two later onbut once all the limes our juice it’sgonna be really hard to get the zest offkey limes are a pretty unique flavorthey are a little Tangier than normallimes if you can’t find key limes forwhatever reason you could always swap inregular lines you could even dothen you could do a mix of lemon-limemake it like a citrus pie that would bereally good whoa that zest is strongsmall but mighty I’m just gonna be usingthe zest for like a garnish later on soI don’t need too muchso this pie originates from Florida Ilove Florida Disney World Orlando movingon to the juice so I’m actually kind ofdreading this part because it’s gonnatake so long but I need about a cup ofkey lime juice now like I said thebeginning I don’t think I have enoughfor a cup but we’ll see how much I haveand then figure it out from thereoh man why hello I’m juice like not evena teaspoon of liquid whoa this isanother arm workout guys from thedalgona coffee to squeezing limes whatis my life making some progress I gotthat much just keep it moving so there’sa little trick you can do to get themost juice out of your citrus all youhave to do is roll your citrus in thepalm of your hand like so against thetable that way kind of like loosens upthe juices in there that makes sensehelp that much you know what I’m amember through this trick you can do bysqueezing the lime with tongslet’s see if it could work whoa it workswhoa whoops all right new technique usetongs wow you know where I learned thatfrom react house with everything Ilearned well I love a good hack I’msweatin honestly we’re making a lot ofprogress I’m a top a cup of juice ohshootso unfortunately my birthday is also inApril and I’m anticipating having aquarantine birthday my birthday usuallyfalls on Coachella so it’s definitelygonna be a change of pace this yearmaybe I’ll host my own Coachella in myapartmentAlex cella Oh all right we’re down toour last lines honestly once this partis over the rest is super easy so I’mlooking forward to that Oh every time Iguess since we have time I shouldmention that if you have not yetsubscribed to my youtube channel go dothat I’ll be over here squeezing limesWow well messyall right so we made it to a 3/4 cup 3/4cup 3 and 1/4 cup 3/4 cup 3/4 cup allright so we made it to 3/4 cup 3/4 cup3/4 cup a 3/4 cup a 3/4 cup3/4 cup alright we’ve made it to a 3/4cup of fresh-squeezed key lime juicehonestly I’m pleasantly surprised I washoping for a cup but you know what we’regonna take a 3/4 cup 3/4 cup I don’tknow all right I’m just gonna pour ourjuice through a strainer so we removeall the seeds don’t want any seeds inyour key lime pieit’s very carefully all right moving onto our crust now as with most classickey lime pies there’s usually a grahamcracker crust now I love a simple grahamcracker crust don’t get me wrong but I’mgonna judge this one up a little bit tomake it a little fancy make it fancy soI’m gonna be making a coconut macadamiagraham cracker crust a little bittropical a little bit fun so I’m gonnastart with 1/2 cup of whole macadamianuts I’m just gonna give these a pulseand my blender to chop them up so nowI’m just gonna pop our nuts over amedium heat on the stove also adding a1/2 cup of shredded coconut so I’m justgonna give this a quick little toastthis will toast up very quickly so youwant to be careful not to burn it we’regonna be baking the press later buttoasting the coconut in the macadamianut now will give us an even more likeintense nutty flavor okay so I’m alreadygetting some color I’m gonna turn theheat up and pour this into our Bowlright here honestly that looks andsmells so goodposting makes all the difference I’malso adding a cup and a quarter ofgraham cracker crumbs a tablespoon ofwhite granulated sugar 5 tablespoons ofmelted butter this is the good stuffright here obviously you can melt yourbutter in the microwave but I don’tactually have a microwave because mymicrowave exploded once long story and apinch of salt this will just bring outthe sweetness give that a good mix oh mygod that smells so freakin good allright now I’m gonna press our crust intoa pie dish if you don’t have a pie dishyou’re gonna use of another kind of dishso just pour the crumbs right in thereand now I’m just gonna use my hands topress it all down you’re gonna want togo up the side on the bottom really tryto pack it down herebecause you don’t want your crustfalling a punch the world’s may befalling apart but your crust doesn’thave to beautiful so I’m gonna pop thiscrust in the oven at 350 degrees forabout eight minutes just so it can setand then we’ll move on all right mytimer went off I’m gonna get the crust[Music]does anyone else close the oven withtheir foot beautiful and golden I’mgonna set it aside while we make ourfilling well like I said our filling issuper simple I’m gonna start with fouregg yolks to the egg yolks I’m addingtwo cans or 28 ounces of sweetenedcondensed milk this stuff is liquid goldI freaking love sweetened condensed milkdoes anyone else eat the shaved ice withsweetened condensed milkGameChanger my oven agrees one more canso this filling is basically sweetenedcondensed that’s why I love this pie somuch and finally what we worked so hardfor our key lime juice pour it all inthereI probably should have used a biggerbowl for this I’m gonna very gentlywhisk this up and this bowl is reallyfull oh I’m spilling gentle gentlegentle all right so we want to give thisa nice big whisk if you have a handmixer that will work nicely here I likeyou all know by now don’t maybe one daythis is giving me flashbacks tada gonnacoffee I’m beautiful it’s nice and silkysmooth I’m just gonna pour our fillingright on top of our prepared pie crustoh that looks so good damn don’t youhate it when people don’t scrape thebowls I’m somebody who likes to get likeevery last drop smooth out the top andnow pop this back in the oven for about15 minutes or until the filling setscarefully carefully and now we wait allright well my pie or should I saySidney’s pie is in the oven I’m gonnafinish this off with some homemadewhipped cream now in my opinion homemadewhipped cream is always gonna be betterbut if you know what I may call me whatcream you could use I’m not even gonnasay use can’t because you should alwaysuse homemade whipped cream so startingwith some heavy whipping cream heavywhipping cream adding a little splash ofvanilla extract and a tablespoon ofsugar all right and now we win and maybesorry that was so woo my arm is gettingtired you know real always likes to whipher cream by hand so I’m just taking anote from the desert sniper spell[Music]all this juicing and whipping by handsSydney you better appreciate thisbirthday pie all right we did look athow nice and beautiful that looksI don’t want to over whip it so now oohdelicious I’m just gonna pop this in thefridge so it doesn’t melt all over theplace and soon enough we’ll be ready toassemble our pie whoa it looks so gooddough to make sure your pie is done whatyou want is like a little bit of jigglebut not too much jiggle you know justenough jiggle oh my god guys I just hada revelation you know how DJ Khaled saysmajor key well this is a major key limepie that job only really works if youfollow me on instagram so I’m just gonnalet our pie hang out on the counter tocool once it’s cooled down I’m gonna popit in the fridge for about an hour andthen what’s that great and then we’lleat well actually it’s Sydney’s pie so Iguess I’m not eating it all right ourpie has cooled it’s time to decorate soI’m just gonna plop our pulp not theprettiest word to use here some of ourwhipped cream right on there just somewhipped cream all of them sutter give itsome whispies they’re beautiful and nextI’m gonna sprinkle it with our zestI actually mix the zest with a littlebit of sugar just to make it a littlesweet and I’m just gonna sprinkle it allover this bag it looks so cute all rightour major key lime pie is done it looksgreat it smells great I wish I could eatit myself but of course we got to bringit to Sydney all right so obviouslybecause of social assistant thing wecan’t really do this normally my plan isto go to Sydney’s place and drop off thepies from 6 feet awaywhat is life these days all right I’veloved the pie[Music]Sidney look at what I made you do youknow what it isit’s a key lime pie yeah you can take itI’m gonna stand back here we’ll have agood birthday a happy birthdayenjoy the pump[Music]

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