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How to make waffles and bacon with Chef Myles Minishotta

I am in the kitchen more and doing culinary arts now that I am being “homeschooled” while school is out until further notice.

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Video Transcription

good job okay so now what you’re gonnadoaha but you gonna wait a minute rightokay so now what you need to check onwhat you need to check to see what’sthat okay so when is it gonna be readyremember when it’s gonna be ready no howdo you tell on the waffle maker whenit’s done when it’s hands yes correctall right so almost ready yesoh yeah it’s readyso sit up on your knees yeah okay grabyour bow you did a very good job mixingthat nope you want to grab the bow sotwo hands okay so with your left handyeah and then your right knee so youwant to pour it know you want to pouryeah so you want to pull right in themiddle so this one is gonna help youdetermine how much to put in there whenthe stop okay so if you pour it it’llcome right out okay and then you justneed some right in the middle I’m tryingto just move it out a little bit becausethere might be too much in the middleright and then once you close it soclose it just gonna push it right on theedge flip it over flip it overyep at the bottom right there there yougo and then when it’s done beam justwant to say ready okay yeah sorry youdon’t cook here what do you need to doyesokay so come back to your bacon and thenyou need to determine if it’s ready inthat is it ready or do you need to flipit again it looks already that’s how youlike your bacon okay so you ready totake it outso you flip it on the other sideoops sorry and you can look at it andyou can determine if you’re actuallyready to take it out do you thinkthere’s a look done okay so what do youneed to do yeah but what should you dobefore that okay paper towel and whatelse if you’re finish cooking you shouldturn thereyeah so remember that’s the way you usethis honey don’t so you need to flip itthe tongue at all yep keep going keepgoing keep goingyou can go face keep going there you gocheck this off of here and you need toput it in your let me get your papersound okay that’s my bacon that’s just alittle bubbly[Music]oh wait move that all the way but whenthat’s all you can say right there yeahyou might want to use toothpick it’s outthat’s that of wine because I’m gonnagrease is gonna go right through itokay you guys sir you just want to bevery careful when you take it outthat’s okay that’s why you clean thecountertops when you finish don’t forgetthe baby was readyyeah that’s why you clean off thecountertopsokayall right you better yeahokay and then you want to flip theirdon’t touch the spot that’s part of hatokay yeah and then pull it up open ittwo handspull it pull there you gohow’s that little it looks great okay soyou need oh you need a plate so you canuse those same forksince you’re eating bacon and usually ifyou’re cooking for somebody else youwant to use two different utensils let’stest your at home and this is your ownokay you want to use two different onesdon’t you okay here okaybe careful so this you need to sit up onyour knees and you need to hold yeahthere you go and just pull it right offit’ll come right offso you want to grab it from the top soremember that waffle is a little saltfor once you pull it so then you need tomake your other waffle your second oneand that’s gonna be your last one soready you ready to do this in byyourself okay sometimes you get a littledirty in the kitchen but it’s alrightso you want to turn it this way becausethat’s the way that you poured it firstyou want to keep all this stuff on thatside remember right in the middleyeah keep goingremember if you just dump it cuz it’llcome out remember how easy it was closeit on that close-up shot and in betweenyour break you want to wash your dishesand remember to flip it yep and betweenwhile you’re waiting you want to washyour dishes okaybeautiful just beautifulwhen i say hold their answer sit up onyour knees there you goyeah so once you put a little bit for anest egg it’s time for the other side iswith do the same thinghey you go good job so didn’t lead ushome but it stays open just push it backmaybe tell the people now you have whatlet’s just agree so you just Pat it onyepso you pat it off and now you have twogorgeous looking waffles[Music]

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