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This is my go-to Belgian waffle recipe! I love this recipe because you can make it your own. You can make it vegan by using non-dairy milk and it doesn’t require eggs which is SUPER helpful since my grocery store and many others are currently out of eggs due to the Coronavirus. Since we are all in quarantine, I thought this video would be helpful for those of you who are looking for some new recipes to try! You can even bring your kids a long to try this out 🙂

LINK TO THE RECIPE ON MY BLOG: https://bit.ly/2wvXVGz

BELGIAN WAFFLE MAKER: https://amzn.to/2y4ToLo


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Video Transcription

hi everyone my name is Daniel little andtoday I’m making Belgian waffles andguess what they’re vegan friendly I lovethis recipe it’s been my go-to for thepast few years now and if you’reinterested in making it check thedescription box below for a link to therecipe there you’ll find a list ofingredients and directions so you can dothis recipe all on your ownone of my favorite things about Belgianwaffles is that you can add so many funtoppings like cinnamon apples like we’regonna do todayalright enough talking come and makesome delicious Belgian waffles with meso for this recipe you’ll need a Belgianwaffle maker I’ve got a ceramic one itwas a wedding giftand you can purchase it on Amazon I willlink it down below you will need ameasuring cup I use two measuring cupsfor this recipe I use one for my dryingredients and one for my wetingredients you’ll need measuring spoonsmeasure out four cups of milk pour yourmilk into a large mixing bowladd your apple cider vinegar mix it upand set it aside for it to curdle[Music]in another mixing bowl add your flouradd your baking powder usually I usealuminum free baking powder butunfortunately I ran out so I ended upgrabbing the other baking powder that Ihad on hand and just added that to therecipe instead add your salt your bakingsoda and your cinnamon now this part isoptional I love adding cinnamon to myBelgian waffles after adding all of yourdry ingredients to your mixing bowl mixthem all up I’ve got a little helpertoday now go ahead and grab that firstmixing bowl with your milk in it and addthe ground flaxseed to the milk and mixthat together[Music]next pour the milk mixture into the bowlwith the dry ingredients and mix untilcombined okaythe batter is all ready now grab yourcooking spray I use olive oil spray andspray your Belgian waffle maker nextafter heating up your Belgian wafflemaker pour your batter into the makeraccording to the device instructions myBelgian waffle maker cooks my waffles inabout two to three minutes mmm look atthat yummy waffle it should be ready nowthis step is super important at leastfor my family because we love butteryBelgian waffles so now using a butterknife spread the butter of your choiceon top of each waffle as you remove itfrom the waffle maker make sure you alsolayer the waffles on top of one anotherso each side is super buttery thisrecipe should cook about six thickBelgian waffles according to yourBelgian waffle makerwhile my waffles are cooking I grab twoapples and I dice them up[Music]next I warm up a pan with olive oil Iadd the diced apples and sprinklecinnamon all over themwe love cinnamon so I’m very generouswith this I usually just eyeball howmuch cinnamon that I want to add butabout a teaspoon should doslowly stir the apples over medium heatuntil they are tender when the applesare done I remove them from the heat andplace them in a bowl all right that’s ityou should have a thick stack ofdelicious buttery Belgian waffles with aside of cinnamon appleswe usually drizzle honey or maple syrupon top of our waffles my personalfavorite is honey all right I hope youenjoyed this video I had so much funtoday making Belgian waffles with youplease like and subscribe if you likethis video and if you enjoyed thisrecipe lastly before I go I really amjust hoping and praying that you andyour family have peace during this timeI know we’re all going through a lotright now with the coronavirus literallythe whole world is dealing with trialsright now so I’m praying for youand just know that God is with youthrough this[Music]

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