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Rainbow Waffles

Take a lunch break and see how to make rainbow waffles!

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Video Transcription

hello boys and girls and welcome back toanother Beek with mr. price Liam andFiona have been asking for waffles forlunch so I decided to do that but I’mgonna do it with a creative twist so Ihope you watch and see what I do areit’s a boys and girls what I’m gonna dois I’m gonna take a cup and 3/4 of flourand put it into the bowl see I alreadydid that to get started and to that I’mgoing to add 2 tablespoons of sugar what[Music]toI’m going to need a tablespoon of bakingpowder[Music]level they put this little piece ofmetal there that way you can scrape itoff get a nice accurate amount I’m goingto need a quarter teaspoon of saltthe sheet it’ll sinka quarter teaspoon of salt I’m gonnatake my whiskI’m just gonna mix those together intothe bowl sift it and move it around okaynow in my other Bowl okay so boys andgirls in my second Bowl I just put intwo eggsI’m going to me huffing three quartersof milk my measuring cup here[Music][Music]I’m going to need a half a cupa vegetable oil[Music]and I’m going to take another whiskbreak up those eggs a bit[Music]all right and now what I’m gonna do isI’m going to pour my wet ingredientsinto the dry[Music]I’m gonna take my whisk and mix thattogether to create a nice batter for mywops now if I was making regular wafflesI would stop here I would let this sitfor five minutes and I would get out mywaffle iron and I can put the mixture onthe waffle griddle and they would makenice golden fluffy waffles but today I’mgoing to merainbow waffles so I’m gonna give this alittle stiryou’ve got a chance to rest and what Ineed now is some food coloringalright so boys and girls I have myclear cups here so that way you can seewhat I’m gonna be doing I’m gonna takesome red and put it into my first cupand just one drop into my second I’mgonna take some yellow into that Cup andjust a little bit into that Cup therebecause I’m making red orange yellow Ihave green I’m gonna use it here now Ihave blue[Music]and to make violin I’m gonna take someblueand a drop of red now what I do is I getmy colors ready first and then I’m gonnatake my batter which I transferred intomy bedroom cup and I’ll start with theviolet and I’m just gonna pour a littleinto each Cupall right the boys a girl that have aspoon here and I’m gonna start with thiscup this is the red I’m gonna start tomove the batter around and make red nowI like that so I’m gonna continue topour the batter in you have to playaround with the right amount of red andthe right amount of blue[Music]there we gobad well great arts of boys and girls Ihave my batter ready and it’s preparedI’m now gonna get out the waffle ovenand we’re gonna start to make thewafflesokay so boys and girls I’m ready tostart to create my waffle so I’m gonnaopen up my iron and I’m gonna start withthe red and you got to work kind ofquickly I’m gonna pour this out I thinkit’s sort of a circle so there’s somered I’m gonna do some orange and I’ll dosome yellow in the center here and nowon the other side I’m gonna do greenI think once I get the hang of this I’llbe more creative with making someinteresting designs so there’s some blueand there’s a little purple I think Ineed a little more green here and I’mgonna close my lid I’m gonna let thatsit and let’s see how it looksall right so boys and girls it’s been acouple minutes and I’m gonna open up thelid and see how they look oh wow can yousee those rainbow waffles in there now Ididn’t put enough in here and I stillthink I need a couple more drops inthere but for my first try I think theycame out pretty good I’m gonna put theseoff to the side I don’t want to overcookthem because then they’ll start turningbrown and now that I have to hang in itI’m gonna go a little bit quicker andthis time let’s see if I can get a wholerainbow on one waffle[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]all right so boys and girls I’m on mylast set of waffles I’m gonna lift up myiron and we can check out how thetie-dye ones came out oh wowthey look great close that I’ll show youmy three different styles so I have mycircular ones that I tried the rainbowstriped ones and then the free-for-allwhere I just poured it all over theplace let’s flip one over see if theydifferent on that side all right so boysand girls you can see how we createdsome tie-dyed waffles for lunch today Ihope you enjoyed our cooking segment andtune in next time and we’ll have anotherfun creative cooking activity for you totry with mom or dad have a great dayboys and girls I’ll see you soon[Music]

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