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How to make waffles without a waffle maker or sandwich maker | waffle recipe | | without egg |

In todayz video i’m gonna share a waffle recipe with you guyss… you can make this waffle without waffle maker or sandwich maker.And one more things ,this waffles are 100% egg free…

•1 cup of all-purpose flour
•5tbs of powdered sugar
•1tsp of baking powder
•1/4tsp of baking soda
•1/2 warm milk
•3tbs of butter

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Video Transcription

[Music]in this video I’m going to show you away to very unique recipe of waffle inwhich I have a notice that a wafflemaker and this recipe is 100 persons acluster so it’s a very unique way ofmeeting you are false which you want orseen in YouTube or anywhere elseso we are without any further ado let’sget into the videoyeah for making noise here I’m going totake one full cup of all-purpose flourif you want to make with wheat flour youmay use that and next I’m going to addfive tablespoons of sugar after thatjust give a mix and next time I’m goingto add one teaspoon of baking powder and1 by 4 teaspoons of baking soda and giveeverything a good mix this is our dryingredients so next we are going to addmilk it’s warm milk not children okayjust give everything a good mix and forthis recipe we need a half cup of milkand you may risk it with your whisk andkeep adding little milk at a time okayand then add 3 tbsp of butter or oil andI’m really sorry about this this videoclip is missing so I’m sorry about thatand mix everything together and now weare going to pour this batter into ourpan so here I’m taking up a pen or apinch a T and so on I’m spreading someoil all over the pan using a tissuepaper and make sure that your flame isin blue spread all the mixture all overlike this so keep adding little batterat a time[Music][Music]now it’s a low flame you have to be goodfor two minutes by covering it[Music]after two minutes remove the lid becausewe don’t need a lot of steam inside ussee you can see that a lot of steam isthere so we don’t want that so removethat lid and cook it for three moreminutesafter thatloosen your sides using a spatula andyou may see that that brown color is thecorrect form of our waffle so we aregoing to flip itand this waffle is so crispy and we aregoing to cut the verbs in g2 and hereI’m spreading some chocolate ganache ifyou want to know this ganache recipeI’ll put the link on the description boxdown below and place one on the otherand I’m adding little more ganache onthe outer side of this wafer so it willlook so beautifulso I’m adding some powdered sugar formaking it look more attractive you missover the square for with some scoops ofice cream also or you may add some fruitthis is all about today’s video andthank you for watching

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