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How to make quick and easy pancakes

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for how to make delicious pancakes at home!


150g self raising flour
1 egg
250ml milk

To save measuring everything, you can use 1 cup / mug of flour, 1 egg and 1 cup / mug of milk.


Put the flour and egg into a large bowl and gradually whisk in the milk a little at time, until you have a thick consistency (you might not need all of the milk).

Add any other ingredients into the batter, such as cheese, chives and sweetcorn / lemon zest and sultanas / cocoa powder and mashed banana / grated apple and cinnamon / smoked salmon / chopped fruit etc. Alternatively, you can make plain pancakes and add toppings afterwards, including cream cheese and salmon / yoghurt and berries etc.

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Video Transcription

hi so I’m again that I enjoyed thefabric so much yesterday that today I’mgoing to do something else with you andthat’s going to be pancakes so we wentshopping this morning with stick andlots of the shelter empty so we stillhave thankfully some flour some eggs andsome milk if you have the same then youcan go ahead and make these pancakesagain really simple three basicingredients this time so we’re not goingto measure anything on scales and todaywe’re going to think up this ismeasuring cup you could use a mug youcould use a plastic disposable cup andI’m going to take one cup full ofself-raising flour and then we’re goingto pop that into a bowl if you don’thave self raising flour you could useplain flour and a little bit of bakingpowder just to help them puff up alittle bit so flow it into the bowl onecup of flour one cup of milksame cup nice and easy let’s wash it upand one egg so 1 1 & 1 so crack the eggsinto a bowl just to make sure that don’tget any shell into the mixture and thenthe egg goes into the flour and thenwe’re gonna just whisk big balloon whiskin to stir and gradually add in the milkdon’t let it all in at once in my golumpy and you might not need all of themilk what we want is a nice thickconsistency because we’re making smallkind of what you might call Americanpancakes or scotch pancakes not thegreat big flat ones that we have mypancakewhat mixxx should we talk later it issplit it into two and show you two of myfavorite fillings but you can putanything you like in two that’s what I’mgoing to leave that out what we want iswhen we pop it into the pan is a bit nottoo spread out too much so hopefullyjust so I can show you two differentsuggestions for what spit in them youcan make these plain they’re absolutelydelicious just as they are or cook themas they are and then pop some toppingson top so really delicious with a littlebit of cream cheese and smoked salmon ifyou want to be posh or just a little bitof fruit and yogurt and anything youlike go mad so my favourite toppings orfillings if you like our savory sweetcorn spring onions my Irish friendsscallions and grated cheese nomeasurements just plain what you thinkgive it a good mix and that’s yourpancake batter ready to go Pat it on fora little while I’m just going to turn itup now I’m all these pans heat up secondone this is a sweet one so I’m gonna putin a little bit of sugar in here folkspeople spoon of sugar although it’s halfthe mix just it makesand then I have dried cranberriesnow this it’s a new one on me but thisis what I had to make of it and gratedor finely chopped dark chocolate thatmakes what we’re gonna do then is take aspoonful of the mixture and pop it intoa hot frying pan now I like to work asif it’s a clock so that I know whichones went in first and which ones totake out first and I like more quitesmall bite size so then I have thesavory ones and then a smaller pan forthe sweet ones this might not get somany in there and this mixture might bea little bit wetter there’s no right orwrong just going with it I’ll justprobably cook a little bit quicker okaythere they are they’re in the pan so toknow when they’re cooked we need to bewatching for little bubbles to appear onthe surface of the pancake when thosehappen and pop that’s when we flip thepancakes over like I say we do need ahot pan and these are nonstick pan sothere’s no oil needed in there eitherhopefully they’re going to start to popsoon while we’re waiting for them tostart to pop what I can do is tell yousome of my other favorite fillings so Ireally enjoy for sweet waiting Applesqueeze out some of the juice and thenput some apple cinnamon into the mixturesultanas or raisins and some lemon zesthas also be delicious and I find thatthe children really likewith mashed banana and a little bit ofcocoa kinda say they’re sweet ones andthese are my absolute favourite the onesI’m doing 49 but I also really enjoysmoked salmon straight into they’reabsolutely delicious but you know crazyto do what you like so I’ve got someholes forming my lip they’ve form littlebubbles they’ve popped and so now I’mjust gonna flip them over as tightly asI can if you’ve got young children it’sactually quite useful to use to to turnthem because it holds their elbows upand helps to stop them from I’m catchingthe side of the pan that their arms andburning them so these ones becausethey’re thicker is still not quitepopping I’ll just try and pop one overto see you can see there’s still quitepale so just need to have a little bitof patience and wait for them to startto pop I can see some little bubblesforming there so hopefully not too longthe chocolate ones are going needs to becareful if you’ve added sugar or sweetthings into the pancakes because theytend to burn quicker for a sweetness sothey might catch on the pan so justcheck and they look about perfectthey’re not round but we don’t mind whatthey look like it does not affect theway that they taste and then like to sayyou have to be careful that they don’tburn and we just go around again withanother batchstill speeding pools I can take some ofthe chocolate and pop it into pants okayand then back to these which arestarting to form little bubbles turnthese into own farelook at those they look delicious theysmell delicious as well it’s a shame youcan’t smell them okayI won’t leave you watching me make pennymore mess and like say it’s a real shameyou can’t smell them they’re deliciousleave them to cool a little bit if youcan’t they may close so if you can’tmake a firm anythin quick enough theywill stay in the fridge in the bag for acouple of days and also just in case youdon’t have a balloon voice so just veryquickly show you I’ve measured that theflour in and then the milk and there’san egg hiding in the middle of all ofthis if you do want to use measurementsit’s 150 grams of flour 250 mils of milkbut the cup is just as easy and if youdon’t have a whiskit’s does work and the kids quite likeit too if you just give it a really goodshake it’s not going to be as smooth andyou might find a few lumps but hey wecan live with that for simple beautifulrecipethank you very much cane

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