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Faith Delights: How to Make Divine Mercy Pancakes

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi sister mary joytoday on faith the light so we aremaking wonderful divine mercy pancakesthat you can eat for breakfast or anytime of the day but before we beginour divine mercy pancakes i just want toremind everyonethat before you do any cooking you haveto make sureyou wash your hands before any type ofcooking or handlingany food so i wash my hands for 20seconds at leastso i’m going to show you the ingredientsfor today we’re going to havepancakes i made a whole man homemadepancake but you can also geta waffle or you can even use astore-bought pancakesand then i have blueberries that you canget fresh during this time of the yearand i have strawberries cut in twodifferent waysthis one is cut into slivers just likethatand another set of strawberries cut intoheart shapes just like that by slicingit really thinlyand the last and the most favoriteingredient iswhipped topping so this is a rippedtopping that you can getat the grocery store so let’s beginfirst we have our pancakeand what we’re going to do is i’m goingto make a heartwell i cut a heart and i’m going toplace the heartat the center of the pancake so we havethe heart at the very top and in thecenter todecorate our pancake we’re going to getthiswhipped topping when you’re using thismake sure you shake it really welland i’m going to make two rays watchwhat i dothere’s one ringtwo rays i’m gonna close thatnow i’m gonna decorate so this is whereyou can be very creativeso one side i’m gonna put strawberriesto symbolize the blood of jesusif you remember in the divine mercyimage jesus appeared to saint faustinawith his heart coming out one side wasbloodand the other side was water so i amjust going to put these little sliversof strawberries coming down just like sookay on the other side i have theblueberriesthat’s gonna symbolize our water so i’mjust putting blueberriesright down the middle so this is simpleand easyand look you have your simple divinemercy pancakes

6 Replies to “Faith Delights: How to Make Divine Mercy Pancakes

  1. GOOOOD MORNIN SHELDON was feeling like I needed medication today then I got a notification and I just smoked weed with you instead thanks bro

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  3. Gm bro i woke up early today lol sow i still got some Celeste bud its a gd straight and a pretty dope high that u get . That berry pie bud looks nice . Gd video bro blessing.

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  5. Good a.m. Shellz. content & bud. & tropicana rn. everything from the fam. We baking cuh!! Njoy ur day Shellz

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