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This Is how You Make A Pie | A Cook Named Matt

Its thanksgiving, you’re in the middle of a quarantine, you’re all alone, and you want pie. Watch this.
Over 1,000 berries were used in the making of this pie

(Pie crust)
-5C/ 1.25 lbs Flour
-2C/ 1 lbs cold butter unsalted
-4 tsp/ 1.5 oz rice vinegar
-5 tbsp/ 3.5 oz H2O
-tsp salt

Mix flour, salt and butter cubes. Pinch butter into flour with hands until walnut sized.
While mixing, pour in water and vinegar until just comes together.

Separate into two equal portions, flatten out and wrap in plastic then toss in fridge for an hour. Can be held over night or frozen for later.

Preheated oven to 375°F

Roll out into about the thickness of an iphone and set onto a buttered sheet tray.
Cut excess edges and crimp.
Pour in your filling and top with more pie crust optional.
Toss into the fridge for 15 minutes

Brush with egg wash (egg yolk+1 tbsp cream)

Bake at 375°F on a lined tray for about 45 minutes.
Let cool on a rack for at least a couple hours and hold over night if wanted.
DO NOT REFRIGERATE, the crust will get soggy.

(Berry filling)
-4 Cups fresh Strawberries
-2 Cups fresh Raspberry
-2 Cups fresh blueberries
-2 cups fresh black berries
-1 cup Spiceology maple sugar
-2 tbsp aged balsamic

Mix everything in a bowl and let sit for about five minutes
Cook in a saucepan on medium heat and reduce until thick.
Chill completely in fridge

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