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How to Bake Vegan Apple Pie | Quarantined With My Roommates

Vegan Apple Pie Recipe + my roommate Dylan’s excellent baking skills!
Pie Recipe:
– 5-7 apples (about 2lbs)
– 1/2 cup of sugar
– 2 tbsp of cornstarch
– 1-2 tsp cinnamon
– 1/4th tsp nutmeg
– lemon juice

Pie crust:
– 2 & 1/2 cups of flour
– 3 tbsp sugar
– 1 tsp salt
– 1 cup vegan butter cubed and chilled
– 4 tbsp cold water

To brush:
– plant based milk or melted coconut oil
– 1 tbsp brown sugar

Video Music:
Ventures by Adriel Fair
We are Alright by Layn
Do You Want me to Find you by Cave Cadence
My Baby Knows by My My Snake Eyes
Last Dream by Jones Meadow

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Video Transcription

[Music]we’re doing in our kitchen here we gothe other way oh right nowI’ll show you watch your hands also whatan idea we know you still are man youcrazy bitch you’re always to learn happywe’re back at it again boys did you knowabout this month it’s entirely 4:20[Music]well it’s too small there’s a lot ofapples just to grow more bananaswell it’ll really be well so it’s likethe very outer part like if you go toNIMH and gets really bitter in compostat the recipe you gotta hear thisoxidative disaster you want a zest oflemon to look like that it was part thisis really uneven because I’m using acheese grater actually because we don’thave a zester his record in life so it’swhat this is the important part of thezest is you don’t you wanna get aslittle of the white part because it’sgonna add a huge bitter component toyour pie that you aren’t looking forit’s not a flavor profile that pairswell with the apples so you just wantthe outer part of the zest the very sourexterior yellow part when you get towhite you know you’ve gone too farWow Wowbut the lighting dog oh so I had tojuice this by hand because we’re gonnahave enough juicer to begin on a sideand so what I’m doing is I’m strainingout of the seeds and the pulp so youdon’t want that you just one and over ifI would reraises recipe I would tell youin the instructions to separate the wetingredients from the dry ingredientsbefore you add them also is not getclumping like this where we mix them alltogether at the same time and you getbig chunks of until this is all justsugar as well the sugar we’re over hereyou got way more cinnamon so it’s notproperly incorporated it was likegetting close[Music][Music][Music][Music]you you were out and like you outside ohyeah dude how does like fever in the Sunyeah so I’m feeling really good littleday drinkin huh huh yeah we’re left I dosupport you as I put my hand back behindme the I know it you know it andI know you do not admit that you’rewrong errorswas it you so next step covering thisbiatch in plastic wrap to cut down onthe Browning Browning’s already happenbasically because the apples theinvestment suppose the air which causesthem to oxidize or crimson Brown but wewant to minimize that does it make somelittle squishy we also want to minimizethat by putting them in the fridge untilwe’re done the car pie crust and we’reready to put this in[Music]Oh redundancyso the important part of making a piecrust is you don’t want melted oil /butter for a normal recipe we’re usingbutter our recipe we’re using what itwas like this should you know everyonewill melt your butter you making a piecrust because you want to be a bleep ifyou incorporate it to make it more likea ready go Korean tacos MarkelI know he sleeps you said one cup we’lljust pretend another cup so how wouldyou have measured that out those whatit’s right in front of the pigtails Ohlike a measuring cup yeah take one cupis one cup it’ll be finewhat are the ingredients in our nopethat’s a hard question we got some waterand put some water in this big that’sfor sure is that some salt we’ll finish[Music]them in all the ingredients wait taketwo so there is two and a half cups ofwhole wheat flour there is a half ateaspoon of salt there are 1 tablespoonsof sugar and 5 tablespoons of cornstarch which is a lot easier when youactually have normal butter because it’sin sticks and seeking chopper reallyeasily into little squares but as youcan see hereyou don’t got that sugar we got a wholeother mess so I think what I’m gonna dois block this out on cutting board andjustthe best I can use and more greatwhatokay what’s the purpose of day why do Imiss ever even I’ve ever had is onesolid thing like this yet why thewould they do this what is the purposeit’s an adjustable height so the reasonI did that is because I push my fingerin very lightly and the mixtureadjustment instead of going like youknow yeah you’re looking for it not outlooking at that hardness yourclean paint butter off somethingpeanut butter that’s it sticks toeverything also not you butterjust Peter’s delicious but also youwant to incorporate it during thekneading process rather than for handbecause when you’re eating it you’reworking with your hands hands are wornI don’t know that 11 EP by dumbassthrows this and incorporate itwhile we need it gets two more gonnahave to stick it back in the freezer[Music][Music]this leche la put them in earlier theywere all rigid and they were standing upagainst each other so you occupied morespace but now that they’re moist theyhave this you know break they Bend andso they better fit so we can fit ashitload of them we’re gonna stack asmany of these bad boys as we can andthen we’re gonna cut the rest of ourdough into strips to cover that to makeit look like we planned accordinglypartially open because it’s you know sowe also got all these extra juices thatwe are going to throw a small portion ofthis in because we want moisture but wedon’t want the bottom of the pie crustto be soggyI think last a little bit but not toomuchthis is pretty much I see it and I’mgone for it is just going to get big doesn’t me the thing is that ifI’ve ever knew in my lifeI don’t know it we’ll see how itturned book must use some big applesyeah they were bit drizzle it had newsyou got beyond there bro[Music]and it’s not exactly working out alittle too long to eat and sadly thoseare just a mega pie it’s a mega pieit’s we you this waste our app you wantwaste the apples with recipe after callfor seven apples dense boy carefulwe got a thickens coming in oh it’s sofor our recipe calls for it calls for acertain amount of time all recipes dothat our is however is in a convectionoven so we’re going to take off fiveminutes from that time due to theincreased circulation it’s gonna be hotfaster it’s gonna move the air around soyou’re gonna be a cook investor rightyou can see first off that the stripsthat we chose to do for the top we useda serrated knife and you can actuallysee the scoring I left from that whichis pretty non aesthetic and upsets mequite a bityou can also see that we have crackinghere we’re in a couple places wheredidn’t fully connect so there’s a lot ofthings we can do to improve the offensescan see that the sugar didn’t Brown atall or Carolyn Lyons like it just stayedon top because it’s not the large grainyeah that we wanted to have and what itis a massive amount of apples yeah waymore apples that we intended than weintended to use I think it’s gonna besuper juicy and then the top partSingapore drive you can actually seelike if you look right in a littlepocket you can see the juice is quite ajuicy boy I’m ready to dig it up itsmells really good it’s hard to upthe taste of apple pie so we’re gonnadig in I’m assuming it’s gonna grate[Music]yeah it is old it wouldn’t surprise morecomplex than flavor profile begin[Music]

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