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Delicious Pie Recipe ~ NO Baking!

Delicious Pie Recipe ~ NO Baking!
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This week we are making a delicious EASY pie recipe that you and your kids will love! The best part, no baking required.

Recipe Ingredients:
1 (8 ounce) package of Philadelphia cream cheese
1 (14 ounce) can of sweetened condensed milk
1/3 cup of lime or lemon juice
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 ready made pie shell (I used Keebler Brand)
For extra calories top with fresh berries or pie filling of your choice

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi my name is Kimberly and welcome backto my channel since we are all supposedto be staying at home and I know you arebecause I am except for when I come tomy office today we are in the trainingresolv’d kitchen here at my legal officein Memphis Tennessee where we teach theparent education class but today Ithought I would bring to you one of mychildren’s favorite recipes it’s supereasy to makeit only has five ingredients and I’mgoing to tell you what those are thefirst thing that you’re going to need isa pie shell the second thing you’regoing to need is some philadelphia creamcheesethe third thing that you’re going toneed is some sweetened condensed milksome pure vanilla and finally eithersome fresh limes or some fresh lemonsyou can also substitute some pre-madepre-purchased I guess we want to call itlemon juice so the title of the recipeis Philadelphia cream cheese pie ittakes about ten minutes to make and Iwill link the recipe down below justlike I have done in our other recipes ifyou are interested in seeing some ofthose other recipes that we havefeatured here on our channel before thenI will link those in the description asso let’s get started on Philadelphiacream cheese pie step 1 the first thingyou want to do is to soften your creamcheese I have tried to make this recipebefore with the 1/3 less fatphiladelphia cream cheese and it doesn’ttaste as good and it doesn’t really holdtogether as well the consistency of thepie so it’s one of those recipes whereyou’re just going to bite the bullet andtake take the calorie hit alright so youopen this up and you get it into yourbowl if for some reason you have notsoftened your cream cheese yet you canalways cut it up and pop it in yourmicrowave using the soften feature andthat also works[Music]we can use the paper for some ASMR[Music][Music]I like to cut this up with a spatulabefore I use the mixer so I can cut thisup a little bit and then the next stepis to use your sweetened condensed milkand dump that in and then mix those twothings together with your handy dandymixer[Music]you’re probably going to want to use aspatula to scrape down the sides andmake sure you get out all the lumps[Music]blend for just about 20 more seconds[Music]this next step you can make easy or youcan make it hard unfortunately for todayI’ve chosen to make it hard as I saidearlier you can use pre baatconcentrated juice either lemon juice orlime juice or you can use some freshfruit I’m going to cut about one toabout five of these limes in half andI’m just going to use a plastic juicerI need 1/3 of a cup of juice to add tothe pie and so I’m going to use a sharpknife cut these in half and then get thejuice out and when I get about 1/3 of acup I’ll add it in to the other twoingredients and blend it well with themixer one pro tip I have for you is tosqueeze these pretty well before you cutthem and it makes them a lot juicier anda little bit easier to use with thejuicer another pro tip I have for you isthat as you are using of these rhymes onthe line you can cut them up and putthem down in your dishwasher disposaland freshen up your kitchen[Music]do you want to record me doing all fiveof these over there me too I am squeezedall of those times it didn’t take verylong think the taste is worth it so goahead and drizzle that into your mixture[Music]again it’s gonna be a good idea toscrape those sides down and make surethese spots where it’s thicker or thatthere’s more cheese you know one swap inanother final step is to add a littlebit of vanilla it says 1 tablespoonusually just a splash of there[Music]the last thing we do is put this into apie shell and refrigerate for about 90minutes to two hours if you would liketo make your very own pie crust insteadof this premade crustthere are several easy recipes on theweb including ones that use grahamcrackers I know they also make thispremade crust in a chocolate crumbs thatwe’ve tried with this recipe that tastesreally good but our favorite isdefinitely the great cracker crust[Music]don’t forget to save a little bit sothat you can lick the bowl because thisdoesn’t have any eggs you don’t have toworry about getting sick and you alsodon’t have to worry about heating upyour chin to bake and treat that yourchildren will definitely enjoythank you for watching our video on howto make an easy five ingredient dessertrecipe that your children will enjoyespecially if they like cheesecake andyou don’t like to heat up your kitchenif you liked this video don’t forget togive us a thumbs up and click on thatnotification bell so that you can benotified every time we make moredelicious recipes like these[Music]

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