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MANGO PIE | How To Cook Mango Pie | Home Made MangoPie by Masa Gwapita

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Video Transcription

how to cook mango pie bye Massa go PITA[Music][Applause][Music]good day everyonewho are going to cook today mango pieand these are the ingredients ripe mango[Music][Applause]sliced bread condensed milk eggs and[Music][Applause]all-purpose flourand these are how we made our mango piethe filling expressly said my musclegroup PETA mango pies first you have toslice the ripe mango pie and the moreremove the skin or happy happy annualalumni manga atanga lean on the tour apure Hawaii non per square or dice carand I think he knows Namanga at greatdoppelgänger gamut and spoon Angelineand slice in square or diced mango paramup functional dice what you pulled againone coupon could green DAPA programelephant tangle Canyon next is one canLondon snob the Bocas Amazon Latincondensed milkSartain dice na mangoes at it or iPod[Music]hello Inga Inga and conditioner at anangle ties ingredients as they are eggstwo to three eggs are needed beat theegg for coating of the uncooked ricenext is the sliced bread ingredientsflatten the sliced bread using yourruler or empty clean barrel if you haveno available food ruler make it a spinas it can be Yasu bromley piston gongsanand Kanyon Lucayan in EPS vinogradovathen prepared a pin plate for making theparts and prepare also all theingredients for a readiness upon go onour team mangled parts start making yourbeing advice by putting the mixedmangoes enter inside of the Platinumbread then close the Fadden bread usingthe tip of the firm just like thatso every size lockable on side me-80keep moving for Kurama close and thencoat it with egg and then all-purposeflour to be tidy use the leftcan pour the liquid coating and use theright hand for the powder coating setaside in a pintar aware or put it in aclean up area you can choose to maketriangular shape or rectangular shapemainly parts just like what I did or anyfarm would you like it can also be[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]so we are really hard cookingif the frying pan if it reaches thecooking temperature for the cooking oilinto the frying pan when readyBrenda :I’ll intervene temperature topic marinatapas you aluminum medinan Bluto Coquinafrom the about Nana Annette in Tamil ina parasitic Bluto stetner Anton primalappeal mingott I soloed the price fortrying Crimea and Finland for yoursustenance a frying pan deep readingfrom full football the pub allow enoughspace then privatize until golden brownflipped near London asleep untilmarriage in golden brown vasana sitammatemporary a man you’re no ballistamonmemento Cassidy but nominee you are notimpressedso that’s the color of the pies becomegolden it’s already cooked then I put iton the top of the sugar white sugar youcan opt also if you you like to putsugar in your pies or not quite in a manready chamomile a collagen unum a socalled you Mingo pies new onion dayparadise dimensional set up what Whelanso Brown it loaded you quite sure whenyou buy him be my shadow Matheny’s inTamil um within your pom pom pom sobreso here e here are massive a beta maingood pass the cook mango pie so yummy socravings cravings satisfied shuttlinggood pie mango mango NASA so the sauceinside you l’m an Indian a kinda anending to you so you know mix Lana diceMingo and the London smokiness and alsono need to cook a nickel on top of onesent aboard my advice so that it that’sit bingo piperidine satisfied and setupand it eat while it’s hotnow Maserati tomato pies my do it yourown plane departs thank you for watchingguys and salmon on Yokosuka Pomonacooking experts are feeling XP by massacapito thank you[Music]

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