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We tried to bake a Pie…

So todays video is all about the amazing musical Waitress! Issy and I attempted to make a pie using the Waitress Pie book and sang waitress songs while we did it. Theres alot more laughing then baking in the video so get a drink and and slice of pie and enjoy!

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Larry’s here and I’m
joined with a surprise get you anything
– ever been on my channel before is
please yeah you know true friends that
we are but we thought would do this kind
of not six rated video shocker
but I will subscribe now to do some
other musicals and we thought let’s do
it let’s see week tres is he is like
huge which of style up wages I might
enjoy waitress but I mean like the
nature been input into a month yeah so
yeah so this is kind of like Izzy’s
inspired video this is your idea we’re
gonna be baking some pie well up high
because you can explain yeah so I got
the official private because I’m which
is done I’m my much so this is like a
big thing as you can see it it’s
beautiful it’s amazing and we are going
to be baking
Lulu’s lemonade pies Oh see look they
look awesome when this that’s too way to
make him one by they I feel very good at
baking I’m gonna follow instructions
days everything I like to think I’m good
at baking but this may turn out a
disaster yeah yeah so we’re gonna sort
of the pie crust we have some my mom is
at work holidays
his name was so now I feel Isis a verb
like such passion every time how
insulting we are going to start with the
pie crust we are making a classic so we
need of unbleached this is very 1
teaspoon of kosher salt Curtis thought
you know Michael loves Jewish so I was
always in the jurisdiction let’s just do
some stuff so it was a little roll
celebrate party I don’t know my uncle
Roma I thought oh well no self 1
teaspoon this looks up a lot
I can feel it right we need to fridge
not on its own no – well most of us
maybe still waitress oh how did you get
into it
I saw waitress in New York the first
time back in 2017 I can do my generals
oh my god I think if you can name up
high if you don’t if you can design a
pie what flavors would you burn it and
what would you name that Oh hurry up
rasping rasping pie popping candy now I
call it raspberry ripple pie plus it’s
great as I get your turn probably be
mint mint chocolate I love love love
each other
maybe like a me see like a mention of
the noose kind of consistency like the
custard and then topped with or is oh
and then I
otherwise you can say it says in the
book patients call me but because we
cover and then blew my stop and has like
them likely you know at the logo she was
like Darin Hanson it’s okay yeah because
we wanted to be like I don’t want to
report in a court if this is if you’ve
come for me because one man yeah
this is not yeah maybe some me does come
time is wrong weird enough me how’s your
fork to toss the dry ingredients
ah real should put it back in the bottle
so we just have an intermission while
the time well that’s a was French
different probably not
from you rats and me from a little glass
house and then take off running you no
matter to me we both made mistakes how
many we
that’s gonna be so cute boy we moppets
513 what’s going on yeah I wasn’t one of
us so it’s with you the straps of me and
you couldn’t see what that just happened
I knew exactly how much you see your
skills no it’s literally more irate
that’s not battle shell of us embryo
this is current
it’s gonna melt you just poked a hole in
it other than that was just that was you
thought it was me to its point I don’t
know if this is going to be enough cream
but it’s not then I think it would
literally be but that’s a great start
because huh let’s go check this one it’s
Mike do a single three words no I taught
to win my drunken Bob confection sugar
UK icing sugar which we love you know I
didn’t eat them so little water we’re
not going to do that switch
I’m vanilla vanilla 1 teaspoon vanilla
right and it says this is actual sense 1
just put six
that’s nice
we’re basically bakers mountain if you
didn’t already know that
last question
well that’s what sometimes it’s quite so
I want to say happy that it’s not bright
it’s not pride five if we did it we’ve
made a pie I’m sure I think we should
take some pictures
yeah and then start using it and that’s
why using it we met hi we release my
inner Gemma’s I know Jenna hunters on I
mean from first pie I think it’s pretty
good we should really slice for Jo
it’s like my butter cake we can we sing
happy birthday to me yeah okay three two
happy birthday to you happy birthday to
you happy birthday happy birthday is me
happy birthday to you
thank you I so excited to see what comes
out like you’re like oh and look at the
layers what about your meds it’s
slightly salty okay we’ll just come up
better in layers but why is it me is
that we didn’t know right that’s
something I’m confused about
oh my god consistency is dry hmm no I
feel like it’s good I mean it was pretty
shook we it’s razor we didn’t the base
is really salty just like if the same
was like half a teaspoon or so I still
hope so one teaspoon this looks up a lot
result it was the middle set well mmm
look it’s like custody yeah generally
I’m surprised yeah I’m taking my jelly
meat off not to the damage any means I
love you mean 7yo means Bob because
it’s like I need to explain
yeah me and Izzy attempted to make toys
and it was I would call this a success I
feel like we did this again we would
improve if I think with the fact we’ve
never really done anything like this
before and the recipe was in American so
like America it was like America’s it
was really hot people there yeah so we
just have to convert a lot into like
England what what would it mean in
English for like mm-hmm
those are lots to react to find that
equivalent or like half and half we
didn’t have not so I thought oh it’s
single cream it’s not really single
it’s like double cream with milk in it
yeah so I really enjoyed this video let
me know feel proud will make it a weight
just piles up because it’s very fun it’s
it’s actually not that hard but is hard
takes time but it’s rewarding because
you get something hide from joy yeah if
you liked the video make sure you
subscribe to me I make a lot of musical
v conrad I put him in instagram which
was at Briony sherry I’ll link it down
I put like easy and it’s a guarantee
which is at easy flossy which shop also
think any Burnett is he but to I sense
no same time you guys doing the video i
pasted on tuesdays aunt Sassy’s of tokyo
so i see you soon for another video I’m
gonna do it yeah

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