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hello everyone it’s me again churcheswhose black sooner you and mcElhattonand I’m anti in a mango pie actuallyGustavo mango peach pie pero alarm Annahome bitch so mango piling lotto anotherautonomous in Dimona Pelham and I bakedso gaga younger dommatina 10 is slicedbread sandwich bread so Peron Peronunique luncheon in the Kanekalon own mugbe or what better on sliced breadlanguage a meaty nothingso I own pan or in an attempt a Nagatounions against Amara new home so hi guysso it’s me again churches whose bloodyoga whattayamean mango peach pie peromango pie language a metonym in casa lafamille peach pieokay guys very easy down Talibaningredients nothingso mango fresh mango we have sodacrackers and sandwich bread the postparent I own it alone Samsugar but caramelize your hunger soinstead of flour gotta meet Lee not insome sliced bread and of course to youmanga Pagano you are in a pain youthsfriend and mango Jam okay guys so humanbread in and eliminating Shannon side[Music]nothing[Music]the flood natin yung berg so since ifthey’re rolling Phenom II hey guysyou’re getting attention our main gocaramel meso guys the first of all you knowNelligan mangoes aloneno motto internet ensure it’s a friednothing thank you totally not am afraidnot enjoy diplomatic channels aheadtapas bread Elsa Anna crackers in crumbsready for your karate nothing at alldick not inches ahead and then startrappers right[Music]so guys it’s gonna put your mangopineapple okay so I think goodbye thankyou for watching so how’s my cookingguys I hope you enjoy watching andSamana my regular viewers cool so thankyou all so so semana boggle viewersplease subscribe and click thenotification bell so parama followingyou like do you want a video score soshout out num and giant I capture Nothank you very muchyeah I’m like getting a gunshot and yourcomments are like I’ll thank you verymuch sí seguro Augusto honey amongArmenian school and the Abigail Grundyof course see me and Vasquez yeah Hannahbasket is say hi thank you for watchingalso and of course guy teacher are doingRichard Rd how’s your ice cream icecream cooking and also the photo creamsAnna Nagar school Han young mulattoat mushara pins Anna you militant atrosemary samplesthank you for watching also okay so seeyou in my next black and my next menumore more menus – Tom alright yummyyummythank you for watching god bless


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  4. The difference between softened and melted butter is melted butter makes the cookies chewier while softened just makes them a little harder

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