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Easy Bake My Little Pony Sno-Cone Maker Pinkie Pie!

Howdy! Today is the day I take out the 2005 Easy Bake My Little Pony Snow Cone Maker. It was unique compared to other sets like this in that Pinkie Pie moved as you turned the handle. The flavors were also really sweet with the method of sugar to water ratio. It was maybe a little to sweet then what I’m used to. I have tried many of these sets and with the added moving Pony, for little kids, this would be one of the better sets. Remember, I have a professional model and another 10-20 different shaved ice sets in my collection! I hope you enjoyed the video!

This video is intended for parents to help them make an informed decision about purchasing the item shown in the video.

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Video Transcription

you are now watching a Lucky Penny shopproduct feature hey its Lucky Penny shopthanks for stopping by today it’sanother maker this is the easy make mylittle pony snow cone maker create tastysnow cones with Pinkie Pie who soundsexciting for ages four plus now mymission has always been to show as manyeasy bag products as possible so thisfits right into the easy bake productline I’ve done all of their ovens someof their kitchen sets and how it’s timeto make snow cones let’s just see herenow a little deceiving on the boxbecause they show you four differentcolors there when there’s really onlyone flavor packet in the box and thenI’m also missing these little stickershere there was one two three four fromthe box now I got this I think at anestate sale or garage sale been waitingto fight another one so I can completeit with the stickers but you know whattime to get through the collection herewe go here is the side of the box againthey show you three colors here butthere’s only one flavor packet samethere alright so there’s the backalright now there they show you onecolor rightit is the cherry flavoring now I have acouple kool-aid packs that I’ve beenwaiting to take I was gonna do this witha different maker but I’ll save them forthis one let’s see it says include snowcone maker got it scooper got itice pusher one packet of flavor aid thatI don’t have six paper cups which Idon’t have but that’s okay the handlethe handle camp anti skid pad sheet nowthat’s to put the little feet on thebottom I don’t have and the label sheetthe instructions I do have but wait tillyou see the instructions it looks likesomeone spilled their flavoring on itPinkie Pie the prettiest pony in theland is ready for a fun sleddingadventure on the coolest part of snowcome from just add ice to the Machineand turn to handle to send Pinkie Piefor a ride as you create cool slushytreats one package of flavor aid softdrink mixes included make more flavoredsnow cones with orange juice grape juicelemonade anotherdelicious juice drinks other drinks arenot included so that’s everything thatyou get with the Pinkie Pie snow conemountain let me come back here and Iwill get it out of the box okay so thisis from 2005 and was a Hasbro productthere is pinkie piethere is snow cone out there my littlespoon into that let’s just come off nothis is what this does so this is yourpresser for the ice here’s the littlecutter you can see it’s got a littlesharp teeth on it that looks that in theplace that’s the handle and then onemore piece I believe that Clips pinkiepie on in the instruction sheet nowdoesn’t it look like somebody made thisand they got their instruction sheet infor the original packet it’s stillillegible so I’ll be able to put it backtogether right now let’s see I do needto wash it so this goes on first thehandle is there a right way or wrong wayI think this is the right way okayI usually just dis Clips it I’ve gotquite a few of these kinds of snow conemakers that’s all okay so that’s likeditthey’re all pretty much the same and nowput that’s it and there’s a little decalsee that the little snowman the two icecube ice crystals or snowflakes and intomy little pony okay now this this lookslike he goes out here and it clips inback here all right so I’m thinkingthere’s these little ridges on here thatmove my little tableokay you got it and I’ll add it herelet’s just give you a close-up shot ofthat might not be able to do it laterbut here you go let’s go the other wayso it works both directions it’s justmeant to be Baba okay well there you goso what do I need ice cubes sugar tomake the flavoring combine one cup ofsugar so let me get that half a cup ofwater and 1 packet of flavoring allright so let’s do that I will be backall right so that has been washed in theback the tower now it’s add what does itsay a half a cup of water so here’s whatI’m gonna do I want to mix both flavorsthat I had that’s what I got on for solet’s use them okay for cup half a cupall right pretty accurate there let’sget this out of the way well it’s kindof a nice little backdrop where it justneeds to be dried so easy Bakewellharmony I’ve done almost every easy wellI’ve done every Easy Bake Oven ever madebut not every color and not the newestof the new so here is the flavoringpacket number one here we go this is redblue raspberry lemonade that’s not goodflavor packet too prettyyes and then a half a cup of water 1 and1 cup of sugar that’s a lot of sugar butyou need it for the UM sir cause it issupposed to be a circle okay thatdoesn’t there doesn’t do it onthe sideand it says to taste so it’s not exactlyit’s not the end of the world look atthe help whoastir ingredients until sugar andflavoring are completely dissolved thatcould be a while I used to do this infive year one gallon jugs and then itwas easier to shake look at that let’stake our little my little ponya little bit nice and then just stirstir stir this is gonna make like athick syrup and what I might do wellthat smells so good as I mightrefrigerate this to chill it you wantthis cold when you pour it on your snowcoat that’s gonna be thick yeah you kindof want to let this just set mix itawhile set mix it awhile kind of thingokay here is the Doug leaned it’s thickyou just feel it as you’re moving yourspoon through itnow had I known and I was gonna usethese for this I would have got somekind of pink and some kind of bluecoloring not the green but the green oror yellow to match my Pinkie PieMountain JC it’s still got a lot ofsugar crystals in there it smells greatthough now some say well I’ll use warmwater use the word water it’ll dissolvebetter it probably will and it does butI don’t want to have to wait too longthough bring it back up to a nice coldtemperature for serving over mine snowcones doing all right so I’ll be backI’m gonna move these to the refrigeratorI’m probably mix them just a littlelonger and then I will look how thick itis whoo it’s like a creamy syrup mmmsugary delight I cannot wait to givethem a taste I will be back now whatthese out of the refrigerator chilledI’ll keep mixing and I’ll have some iceand we’ll make our snow cones guess whatI found a hidden bonus in therefrigerator open refrigerator and whatdo I see pink lemonade half a cup andI’m only using 3/4 of a cup of sugarbecause the lemonade is alreadysweetened look at that so now I don’thave three flavors to show you one ofthem being pink one of them being bluenow you could use the lemonade right outof the lemonade thing but it’s not goingto be sweet – sweet that’s adding thesugar it will not have a syrupy effectto it like this is gonna have it’s gonnabe more of just a liquid poured overthat will melt the ice quicker okay so Iphone my pink and I am six worthstopping and taking the time to show youthat last little process all right it’sbeen 24 hours I let these sit for awhile to get a nice thick now the blueone for whatever reason is the thickestI’m not sure why I’ll have to review thetape to make sure I put enough waterhere but it’s about the same as all theother ones it just seems to be thickerthis one remember this was the pinklemonade actually melted the best andthen the green would be the third Istill feel a little bit on the bottomit’s hard to dissolve that much sugar insuch a little bit of water but right nowI haven’t really thick topping for myshaved ice so let me just do a wellthere’s an easy way to clean that upwhoa is it sweet oh boy don’t eat itright out of the container so I have acouple of these I thought oh this’ll becool I can do like a regular shaved icepour bottle so put that there transferthis to thisokay that fills up really nice oh it’sso cold it’s been sitting for a whilealright there’s the first one now thesedon’t come with it I just added that I’mgonna leave the green house that I’mgonna go with the two colors that Ioriginally wanted this one’s not gonnapour it’s nice see how thick this one isand I’ve mixed it at least eight to tentimes in last day let me transfer it toa smaller measuring cup that might beeasier and I’ll transfer it to that it’sso creamy looking okay I’ll do it overthis so if I spill can you see what’sgoing on here sometimes I forget if it’stotally in frame or not I’m so caught upin the moment of production wasn’t thatnice and I’ll leave the green one as isI’m not gonna say anything because thatpoor was perfect I didn’t want to jinxmyself okayperfect alright now let’s get this off Igot a couple good data remember it saidit came with the little paper cups whichI didn’t have I thought I have some inmy collection somewhere I usually do youbut I couldn’t find itlet’s just say I put cubed do not puttoo much pressure for number one theyshow a square cubelet’s put into a tease and see I thinkthat’s gonna work I need to get a bettercamera dangle well this one fit that onefits pretty good with a bold fit yeahlet’s try this oneokay let’s try that one first so let meget a kid or a camera angle in here nowthat I’m set to go and then I will makeyour shaved ice all right better cameraangles so you can see so my left hand isholding that and then my right hand willbe shaving the ice now I don’t have thebest perspective into my viewfinder butlet’s see what thatI put a medium amount of pressureOhokay does it another Cuban probably notthe best use to thisshe’s sailing down the mountain huh allright let me get a spoon in therethere’s three pieces I know you wantthat[Music]let’s see oh that was funnydid you see what happen it fellow okaythere we goI think I’m gonna continue going giveyou a little bit more scene thereanother one that’s pretty closekind of happy with thatokay I think I’m happy with the fill onthis besides what hit the table top okaythat’s a nice puffy looking one at i/oI’m gonna do this one in the green okaybecause that was the one that it doesn’thave the bottles there you go oh that’sa that’s a perfect topping for yoursnookno I’m out of breath it’s not reallyknowing the the ice too much that’sgiving you a perfect creamy lookingtopping so I used to make toppings theywould be not this creamy but close tothis so that the syrup would slowly workits way down and it was syrup that’swhat we would call it okay so here we gowell at a light let’s save that one herelet me bring in another cup this time Iwant to bring in like a clear cup okaythere we go that’s there got my bowl ofice which you just saw I think we’regoodthere’s no pencilsurfacing my zonemix it upbecause I make my own sugar cubes out ofan ice cube traythere’s no sugar cubes from that lastvideo worked the nominal for this typeof shaving system okay a little bit morewell tell you what we put a bowl inthere okay let me just top this one offso we all get that wonderful sensationof the toppings going on I’ll do thishalf pink and half blue now that’s theperfect consistency right there look atthatmmm let’s see if this one’s quick no itdoes look at that okay shaved ice numbertwo let’s just make a big bowl of it nowcan you see everything thereit’s still in the viewfinder there whatdo you use unique though with a littlemoving heremmm-hmm one more cuteI haven’t found like what’s the best wayso this way flipped overyeah let us trout in the round side downgood like that like a stroll stay therebuddy doesn’t work every timeokay I think I’ve got a nice little I’mout there let’s try to save this we wantthis to be as puffy as possible so whenthe topping goes on okay okay well letme clean up the top come back and I’llshow you all three okay let’s get someof this on herewhy do all three colors my rainbowshaved ice just once hidden some sugaryou could just feel as it it dripsthrough the look at that ooh what atasty treat the last oneokay there we go okay I think I want touse the yellow or pink spoon and let’sclean this up it’s distracting to meokay there we gothe number one is just the green theflavor again on the green was greenapple then the blue was blue raspberryoh there was some tips here too it’s anadditional suggestion so just linkpackets of flavor aid can be purchasedat food stores so you can also fill anice cube tray with lemonade or fruitjuice and freeze it then place the cubesone of the time out of the machine andsave you guys to make flavoring snowalright we’ve learned that before herewe go the first flavor green apple isreally nice and strong and sweet what atasty treat all right here’s theCampbell lemonade and blue raspberrylemon could kind of look at this perfectconsistency ooh I like that one so farthat’s my babe mmm really good flavorand the last but not least my triplecombo all three flavors in one bite yeahvegetable medley of color mm-hmm not asgood that’s my favorite so there you gowhat do you think of that Hebert I’vebeen holding on that for years because Ididn’t think it was complete enough butI think it worked out pretty good hopeyou enjoyed the videoI had fun make it I’m gonna finish thatone again I will continue on with mymakers I have more well what do youthink about the easy-bake my little ponysnow cone maker let me know in the carlet me know what flavor you would wantit as always thanks for watching andsupporting Lucky Penny ship look ifyou’re looking for the item you just sawin the video click here watch morevideos by clicking here don’t forget toshare on social media and give a thumbsup hey LPS Dave what’s up butch makesure they don’t forget to subscribeoh yeah please click here to subscribeto Lucky Penny shop and always rememberwhen you see a Lucky Pennypick it up

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